Thursday, April 30

Nutrition: Nothing but shortcuts for a couple days. Outta everything at home!
  • 530a-eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-Larabar, CM latte
  • 9-macadamia nuts, Americano from my BB!
  • 1115-beef jerky, apple chips
  • 1245p-beef jerky, apple chips, LB
  • 245-macadamia nuts
  • 530-jerky, macadamia nuts
  • 7-apple w/ SB

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 90% quality. Pretty solid; woke at 330a and happily snuggled back in, but the coffeemaker overflowed & made enough noise to wake me at 515a. Not a delightful alarm, but it wasn't the mess I was fearing.

Healthy Movement: Feeling some good all-over fatigue from the deadlifts, but nothing is specifically aching. Left hamstring dealio is better. Took my rest day because of too much work.

Fun & Play: An indulgent Caribou visit. Chitchat with Timmy. A Caribou delivery from my BeloveBuddy! Good team meeting. Plans to hook up with DBB bosses to finalize THOSE job details as well. Weekend running plans with BK. Lunch with BK & AS. Afternoon at NSS, although far too quiet with everyone gone. Filthy digging-addicted pooches. Hubs time.

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