Sunday, May 24

Nutrition: The acne is getting worse by the hour, I swear. Fucking depressing. And some cysts are itchy and make me want to tear my skin right off. This is why it's so impossibly hard for me to test things: I just want to stop eating everything remotely questionable so I am not so fucking ugly. But to continue avoiding things unnecessarily, forever, is silly. I need to tough it out now and then know for later. BUT a face full of cysts does awful things to my brain, brings me very low, and fucks up every other area of my life. Not worth it.
  • bacon ends & pieces
  • LB count: 1
  • grilled cheeze w/ ketchup (w/ sugar, not HFCS)

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 100% quality. The hubs kept the dogs up late and slept on the couch, and I finally got real & true recovery in. Lovely. Hadn't booked a nap into my day's plan, but by 230p I hit a huge energy drop, and I battled it for a half hour before I gave in & napped a blissful full cycle, 3-430p.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good, but the left shoulder is more hurty than it should be, given two days of rest. Lifting was quite a bit harder than it should've been, backward from last week in both feeling & results. Based on the turrible state of my face, perhaps the entire body is inflamed, head to toe, which could obviously affect lifting. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Moving slowly. Hubs time. Lifting. Napping. Hanging with the hubs & my beloved NSS peeps at Becky's birthday party.

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