Sunday, May 10

Nutrition: I love Mother's Day, because it definitely means smoked meats every time. Today I ate my fill of ribs, then Dad pointed out I hadn't had the seasoned ones, so I had even more. Happy belly!
  • 645a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, SB&J toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-Larabar
  • 1p-many ribs, roasted veg w/ balsamic, raw veg, fruit, coffee
  • 6-hot dog w/ garlic Slawsa, pickles, apple w/ SB, chia bootch

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1015p-630a, 90% quality. In late due to bonfire time (worth it), and Hank slept in because he was up even LATER due to HIS bonfire time with the hubs. Both dogs were completely shot today.

Healthy Movement: Slightly tight lower legs, rest feels good. Left shoulder & hip seem improved already, though still fairly crank. Spent much of the day sitting & had low energy/interest in lifting by the time I returned from Mother's Day visiting. Just did more chores and accepted the rest day.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Quiet, slow morning after yesterday's madness. Dad's bookkeeping knocked out. Visiting my lovely family. A race report from BK. More chores knocked out; place is finally close enough to presentable.

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