Saturday, May 9

Nutrition: After second breakfast, today turned into one of those days where eating seems like a chore, no food sounds good, I don't have anything easy to eat, and goddamn it, maybe I just want a shitty frozen thin crust pizza; why can't I eat that and not pay the price of an ugly face for two weeks?
  • 515a-eggs, side pork, toast, coffee w/ CB
  • 615-larabar
  • (7-W2R)
  • (8-7m trails)
  • 10-eggs, ham, potatoes (Trav's!)
  • 2-apple w/ SB, SB&J toast
  • 6-brat w/ Slawsa, Larabar, SB&J toast, bootch
  • 845-jerky, apple chips, bootch

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-4a, 90% quality. Very sound; only woke a couple times and always easily fell back. Woken by my little prancersizer, Hankypank. Hit all-out dead tired at 7pm, laid on the couch for an hour, dozing with Clyde, because I wanted to stay up "late" for a bonfire.

Healthy Movement: Body is much improved. Shoulder was better when rolling over in bed, hardly noticeable in comparison to the sharp pain of the previous night. Walk to run was as easy as walking. LCSP lap felt pretty damn great, easier than it's been lately. Brief respite for second breakfast with Holea, then cleaned my house all damned day. Somehow, this was completely exhausting. During my evening cat nap, the left hip all-out screamed when I rolled onto my back. Fuck.

Fun & Play: I sure WISH I could say "sleeping in" here but at any rate I used my extra time to knock out some silent chores rather than just be lazy & read, before heading out. Walk to run on a gorgeous morning. LCSP-ing with a couple of my ROUS beloveds. Second breakfast, and at Trav's, and with my Holea. Received a couple of updates from Kate on BK's race, though not a word from him, which stings. ("Don't take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you.") A mostly-clean house. Bonfire time with the hubs.

Temperance: So many things to do, so little time, only one of me. Missing out on the excitement of many pals racing in Fargo; deeply missing a 50-mile-racing BK badassery event, not there to help or enjoy a day in the woods; couldn't even have a chill, slow day as I needed to cram my morning in, then hustle back for cleaning my entire house top to bottom. I can't believe what a social butterfly I have become, but I'm looking forward to the event that prompted this house-cleaning: my NSS beloveds coming over with their families to grill hot dogs and play games and have fun (Dear Mother Nature: May I have nice weather for this, pretty please?).

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