Saturday, May 30

Nutrition: For the first time EVER, I didn't finish my Trav's breakfast! Couldn't get all the potatoes down, as I was eating second breakfast only about 3 hours after first breakfast, and after only doing W2R. I am very disappointed; I wonder if Trav's will hold it against me. For bonus fun: supper out with the hubs to celebrate our anniversary on Monday.
  • breakfast at Trav's
  • supper at Doolittle's

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 91% quality. Took a while to fall asleep, and I woke around 3a but fell back. Could've slept longer but Hankypank woke me. Got up feeling pretty well rested, and didn't even desire a nap mid-afternoon!

Healthy Movement: Got up with tight lower legs, but the rest quite happy. W2R outing was super easy, and I even got to go a bit faster as Miss Hannah is doing really, really well. Exciting to help her!

Basement lifting (LCSP-ing tomorrow) went fabulously. Other than OHP, everything felt almost too easy, and I wanted to do MORE. I've been building up slowly, and am now nearly at the full weekend workout that I want to maintain, and without fucking up my running! So, don't change what's working, yo; I am sticking to my plan of very gradually building my capacity for badassery. Next up is to add some carries & tire flips, and after that, I actually get to go a little heavy, yee haw!

Right traps were tight/sore in evening; will try swapping the deadlift grip next Sunday and pay attention.

Fun & Play: Slow, quiet morning. W2R peeps. Being talked into second breakfast at Trav's instead of a run, with the promise of DQ joining me tomorrow instead. NSS work knocked out more quickly than I expected (oh no, what did I forget?!). Lifting gone well. Snuggly Oscar as I paid bills. Sweet, calm Hanky, who is extra tired today for some reason. Supper out with the hubs, for the first time in forever.

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