Saturday, May 16

Nutrition: I may be missing some items:
  • tapioca toast at breakfast
  • entire bag of sea salt cashews
  • bag of pork jerky
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 945p-430a, 55% quality. Late because of chatty friends and I was sleeping on the couch. Crappy because I was sleeping on the couch & didn't want to mess with pulling it out into a proper bed. Up early because of volunteering.

Healthy Movement: Stood around most of the day. Sat some at packet-pickup, sat in car while traveling, and then sat around after like 2pm. Body started out feeling seriously whiny about the SHT miles last night, but better as the day went on.

Fun & Play: Volunteering with awesome people, for awesome people, at an awesome race. Crewing my beloveds. Making new friends. Talking to trail-running legends. Solidifying kinda-friendships. Feeling like I am actually part of this uber-awesome crowd, even though I am nowhere near the runner they are. Friendly pooches everywhere! Reliving the race stories with all my ROUSers. Peaceful nature.

Temperance: It is hard to accept that I am not capable of this level of badassery, but easy to admit that I don't WANT to put myself through such arduous tests. I just don't crave the beatdown anymore; I want my miles to be easy, free, fun, lovely. That's okay, right? To just enjoy myself?

Nature: So much peaceful nature, although I wish I'd had the energy for another SHT outing of my own. Still, all the fresh air & sunshine & gorgeous views were sheer bliss. Not the sunburn, though.

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