Monday, May 18

Nutrition: Out of the ordinary / non-W30 consumed today:
  • cashew clusters
  • rice crackers
  • pork jerky & an apple for supper...on the run

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 82% quality. Much better in my own bed, just not enough to hit the recovery I need. REALLY REALLY tired all day long. When the eye doctor put in drops to dilate my eyes, then left for 15 minutes, I must have fallen asleep. I didn't THINK I did, but it felt like he was gone 4 minutes when he returned. So tired.

Healthy Movement: Feeling seriously fatigued, everywhere. Didn't even log any SA chin effort during class. Did manage to dig out my PT moves for the left hip and do those after class. And it felt quite a bit improved; I'm so dumb - why haven't I been doing this? Shoulder is a lot better. Thinking I can delay a James visit unless it doesn't keep on the up & up. I had zero energy today, for any of my life. I wanted a nap more than anything else in the world.

Fun & Play: Class. BK break time just to hide away from my workload. 50k chitchat all over FB. Time with a job #3 client helping her fix QuickBooks. Job #3 visit with the bosses to finalize details, and they are going to pay me more than expected: fuck yeah! Eye doctor, friendly peeps. Silly playful pups. Going to bed early.

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