Friday, May 29

Nutrition: Acne is improving, though at a snail's pace. Have a long run tomorrow that will include chews, so we'll see what happens by Monday.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Kind Strong bar
  • made a new treat tonight: sliced & warmed bananas, topped with Sunbutter...NOM

Sleep: 8.5 (!) hours in bed, 9p-530a, 93% quality. Quite solid, once I finally fell asleep after panicking over coyotes eyeing up my beloved kittehs. Hit a massive energy dropoff at 6pm, but pretty sure it was due to lack of food.

Healthy Movement: Super aching/tight lower body when I got up, better with movement. Tiny step backward in left shoulder. Glutes/hams still a little sore. Sat all afternoon, for haircut and then at NSS. Tight left hip area when rising from long-seated position, but it cleared up right away each time. Weird to realize how very, very tired I was getting home, on a rest day; does brain power really suck up THAT much energy?!

Fun & Play: Much FB silliness. Work productivity. HAIRCUT! Dustin time, helping with something urgent & a bit complicated for my end-of-week brain. Kind of fun to work on, but it sucked up my normal time, and now I have to go back tomorrow, dang. Fetch with happy dogs. A silent house. Going to bed early.

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