Friday, May 22

Nutrition: Man, roasted almonds are the tastiest thing in my world. Wait, no; can't be as good as bacon. But close.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Kind Strong bar
Acne: I've got a pretty rotten breakout happening. Given the timing, I think last weekend's pizzas are in the clear, because it only got awful yesterday/today. I've had a daily Kind Strong bar this week, and those are quite sweet. Also I've had a few days of the chews, which are pure sugar (from tapioca). I have also been eating industrial-raised pork fat (bacon ends & pieces) daily since Saturday; timing makes it seem okay, unless it's a quantity thing. Well, shit, that's a lot to try ruling out, isn't it? The bacon will continue (because BACON), I can ditch the Strong bars, keep the chews for now, but they'll be next to go if it worsens.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 88% quality. FALSE. More like 68%; I don't understand Sleep Cycle sometimes! I was awake until nearly 1030p, even getting up twice (once to toss the dogs outside when the hubs came home, but went to basement to check out sump pump; once to re-close the bedroom door after the hubs was in/out). Slept solidly, but then tossed & turned shortly after 4a

Healthy Movement: Aching some from deadlifts & the run, but better than expected after the crap sleep. Hip back a little, as is shoulder.  Sat all afternoon at NSS, with awful posture but little effect.

Fun & Play: Moving slow in the AM. Deer in the backyard again. Free coffee at Caribou due to what I purchased! Dustin chitchat, which involved seeing an absolutely insane change in my ring pulls over the last three months (more a technique victory than strength, lotta kip there - YEAH BUT STILL):
  • 2/26: 16+14+12+13=55
  • 5/21: 20+17+18+17=72
Lunch with my BB in the perfect day's sunshine. Afternoon at NSS filled with a lotta Dustin, intern Steve, and HB silliness. A silent house. Fetch with my sillies. 

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