Friday, May 15

Nutrition: I'm going to stop logging everything, and instead log only non-W30 items. These should be the only things that MIGHT cause me acne. So, operating on memory three days later, I think that would only be two things:
  • Cobb salad (no cheese) at the Duluth Grill
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 85% quality. In late due to packing for the weekend.
Healthy Movement: Drove to Duluth, with a break halfway up, which is a LOT of sitting for this body. Logged two hours on the SHT with my new friend, not-serial-killer Brett. Felt a lot harder than I had hoped. Feet hurt early on, not a surprise, but my lungs couldn't handle the hills. What the fuck is going on, body? A few gorgeous overlooks, and the muddy spots were fun (not awful), and it was so gloriously peaceful. Happiness.

Fun & Play: Bonus Caribou time with my BB. Driving up with HH, and the nonstop chitchat. Introducing my ROUSers to the always-fanstastic Duluth Grill. Miles on the SHT. Race excitement. Time with my ROUS family.

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