Saturday, May 30

Nutrition: For the first time EVER, I didn't finish my Trav's breakfast! Couldn't get all the potatoes down, as I was eating second breakfast only about 3 hours after first breakfast, and after only doing W2R. I am very disappointed; I wonder if Trav's will hold it against me. For bonus fun: supper out with the hubs to celebrate our anniversary on Monday.
  • breakfast at Trav's
  • supper at Doolittle's

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 91% quality. Took a while to fall asleep, and I woke around 3a but fell back. Could've slept longer but Hankypank woke me. Got up feeling pretty well rested, and didn't even desire a nap mid-afternoon!

Healthy Movement: Got up with tight lower legs, but the rest quite happy. W2R outing was super easy, and I even got to go a bit faster as Miss Hannah is doing really, really well. Exciting to help her!

Basement lifting (LCSP-ing tomorrow) went fabulously. Other than OHP, everything felt almost too easy, and I wanted to do MORE. I've been building up slowly, and am now nearly at the full weekend workout that I want to maintain, and without fucking up my running! So, don't change what's working, yo; I am sticking to my plan of very gradually building my capacity for badassery. Next up is to add some carries & tire flips, and after that, I actually get to go a little heavy, yee haw!

Right traps were tight/sore in evening; will try swapping the deadlift grip next Sunday and pay attention.

Fun & Play: Slow, quiet morning. W2R peeps. Being talked into second breakfast at Trav's instead of a run, with the promise of DQ joining me tomorrow instead. NSS work knocked out more quickly than I expected (oh no, what did I forget?!). Lifting gone well. Snuggly Oscar as I paid bills. Sweet, calm Hanky, who is extra tired today for some reason. Supper out with the hubs, for the first time in forever.

Friday, May 29

Nutrition: Acne is improving, though at a snail's pace. Have a long run tomorrow that will include chews, so we'll see what happens by Monday.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Kind Strong bar
  • made a new treat tonight: sliced & warmed bananas, topped with Sunbutter...NOM

Sleep: 8.5 (!) hours in bed, 9p-530a, 93% quality. Quite solid, once I finally fell asleep after panicking over coyotes eyeing up my beloved kittehs. Hit a massive energy dropoff at 6pm, but pretty sure it was due to lack of food.

Healthy Movement: Super aching/tight lower body when I got up, better with movement. Tiny step backward in left shoulder. Glutes/hams still a little sore. Sat all afternoon, for haircut and then at NSS. Tight left hip area when rising from long-seated position, but it cleared up right away each time. Weird to realize how very, very tired I was getting home, on a rest day; does brain power really suck up THAT much energy?!

Fun & Play: Much FB silliness. Work productivity. HAIRCUT! Dustin time, helping with something urgent & a bit complicated for my end-of-week brain. Kind of fun to work on, but it sucked up my normal time, and now I have to go back tomorrow, dang. Fetch with happy dogs. A silent house. Going to bed early.

Thursday, May 28

  • 2 Larabars
  • Few chews before W2R

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 86% quality. Had another midnight wakeup of Lexi barking her head off at deer in the backyard: so annoying. Woke naturally, but sooper dooper cranky that it's only Thursday.

Healthy Movement: Achingly-tight lower legs as I got up, but better as I moved - yet still a pretty sore lower body. But in a good way: all muscle, no unhappy joints. Even the hip is saying NOTHING at all. YEAH BABY! Fabulosity in my session: hit another ring pull-up PR, had deadlifts feel light: happy girl! Slight backslide in shoulder post-session...I'm seriously thinking it's the deadlifts! I shoudl add some carries ton Sunday's workout and see what happens. Walk to run was roasty toasty and I let the heat talk me out of a hard version. But I need to face some heat to be ready for Tahoe as well; I truly regret not doing it, it wasn't THAT hot, there was a lovely breeze.

Fun & Play: Standing outside at sunrise, listening to the birds & frogs greet the day. Break time with BK to talk running talk. Fun time starting to teaching a new coworker a crappy process - she asked REALLY smart questions! Great session, after which I signed some NSS new-employee paperwork, eeeeee! Walk to run group hit double-digits and ROCKED the heat! Standing around talking with some besties afterward. An appointment to CHOP MY CURLS made - for tomorrow, eeeeeee! Hubs time. A delightful cool breeze through the house.

Wednesday, May 27

Nutrition: My acne is still awful, but there aren't any new cysts appearing. I really just want it to clear up so I stop hating my face; I'll probably have some chews again tomorrow & Saturday due to the running, and will gauge a response to those before I work on testing the bacon ends & pieces. (MAN, I hope it's not the bacon ends & pieces!)
  • LB count: 2
  • pork jerky

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 67% quality. Woke at 1145p, weirdly, then again an hour later with crampy guts. Couldn't tell what was up there, but I got up for the bathroom, water, a Larabar, and ibuprofen. Woke again at 230a with more cramps; they went away when I flipped over to lay on my right side. Completely normal by the time I got up. For reals: WTF?

Healthy Movement: Tight lower legs thanks to the fast running in Vibrams, and slight upper-back tightness, but the shoulder is feeling pretty good, and there's absolutely NOTHING in the hip! However: holy baby hey zeus, are my glutes & legs ever S.O.R.E. Sprinted with Holea after Team Training, and it actually felt great to do. Stopped at 6 for her, but I happily would have done 10, even in the heat.

Fun & Play: A minute of glorious cool spring morning, walking outside with my scaredy-cat dog, and seeing deer bounding away from the woodpile. Bliss! Fun class. Silly coworkers. Team Training coaching fun. Holea time. Hubs time.

Tuesday, May 26

Nutrition: Acne still awful, but nothing new. Hm.
  • LB count: 2
  • Renola
  • Chews pre- & post-run

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 71% quality. I remember waking at 330a, but otherwise it felt solid, and I woke naturally.

Healthy Movement: Body feels quite good! Hip & shoulder both pretty happy. Hip especially a surprise after the miles yesterday - feeling nothing whatsoever is amazeballs!

Had a massive "ah ha" this morning when I looked at my MTD miles ran, and it's nearly double last month, with a week to go yet. If I do the planned miles, I'll be at double (or more) miles over "pick any month since December," AND it would be my second-highest month of miles ever. And not even by training for some long-ass brutal race - just running with my beloveds. Bonus: I'm not anywhere near injured, and I love running. Now THAT is the way to kick off the summer running season!

Session was weird; squats great, bench falling apart. What the with the who now? Logged enough extra pulls in class (mostly dead-hang, only a couple SA drills) to surpass 600,000 lbs of pulls YTD.

Walk to run was fun, with bonus ROUS helper Greg filling in for Brett, and Aaron joining me at the front. Logged the hard/fast follow-up run with Aaron, and we killed it! Feel certain I'd have been slower without him.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in (kinda). Session, which included bonus Jeremy who is getting looser & smartass-er-er with us - which makes it extra fun! Aaron at class and easily talked into joining the run fun. Chitchat with Holea & The Mitz in the park after running. Hubs time. Silly sweet scared (of guns, hubs had it out to shoot nuisance critters) Hanky lovebug; he's so cuddly when he's being a scaredy-cat, poor bebe.

Monday, May 25

Nutrition: I can't take the awful acne that is continuing to develop every single day. The delicious but suspect bacon ends & pieces are gone from my daily intake. (No worries, I can dig out the pasture-raised side pork.) I wanted to keep the chews for today (long run) and because I only had a few each day and NONE on Sunday, yet the cysts continued quite fiercely.
  • 2 Larabars
  • I didn't even have any chews!
  • black cherry pork jerky (very sweetened)
  • Finally got back to a legit supper salad

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 1015p-515a, 86% quality. In late due to Becky's party. Super solid, with odd dreams, but the dogs didn't let me sleep any later. Because of that and the longer run and the holiday-given ability, I logged a solid little afternoon nap, 3-430p.

Healthy Movement: Got up with the body feeling great. Slight upper-back tightness only. Was a little nervous heading to the SJU run meetup playdate, thinking it might be a push to keep up, but it was slower and shorter and easier than expected. Happy to finish feeling that way for once!

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Reading a race report from last weekend that just filled me full of that fun day all over again. Easy trails with friends, getting to brag up my other friends. Shopping trip where I realized I have so little need or desire for new clothing, because I already have plenty - and in so many other areas: I already have plenty. Napping. Chores done. Hubs time.

Sunday, May 24

Nutrition: The acne is getting worse by the hour, I swear. Fucking depressing. And some cysts are itchy and make me want to tear my skin right off. This is why it's so impossibly hard for me to test things: I just want to stop eating everything remotely questionable so I am not so fucking ugly. But to continue avoiding things unnecessarily, forever, is silly. I need to tough it out now and then know for later. BUT a face full of cysts does awful things to my brain, brings me very low, and fucks up every other area of my life. Not worth it.
  • bacon ends & pieces
  • LB count: 1
  • grilled cheeze w/ ketchup (w/ sugar, not HFCS)

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 100% quality. The hubs kept the dogs up late and slept on the couch, and I finally got real & true recovery in. Lovely. Hadn't booked a nap into my day's plan, but by 230p I hit a huge energy drop, and I battled it for a half hour before I gave in & napped a blissful full cycle, 3-430p.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good, but the left shoulder is more hurty than it should be, given two days of rest. Lifting was quite a bit harder than it should've been, backward from last week in both feeling & results. Based on the turrible state of my face, perhaps the entire body is inflamed, head to toe, which could obviously affect lifting. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Moving slowly. Hubs time. Lifting. Napping. Hanging with the hubs & my beloved NSS peeps at Becky's birthday party.

Saturday, May 23

Nutrition: The acne is getting even worse. Gah.
  • bacon ends & pieces
  • chews
  • Doolittle's Cobb

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 100% quality. YES, I would say so. 'Twas lovely!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling more achey than I did yesterday; what? Better as I moved, though. Walk to run was awesome; tried to maintain a 10:00 pace and kept finding myself creeping faster. Just felt fabulous to move. That disappeared once I hit LCSP, though. I tightened up less than expected so I had high hopes, but I just felt like running was too much work on the lungs. I felt I could've pushed through & sucked it up, but I would rather be capable of pushing on Monday at SJU with pals, so I cut myself slack today. I took a bajillion pictures so it averaged out to be a very low intensity. Lazy rest of the day, much sitting.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Walk to run peeps. LCSP perfection. Second breakfast! Time with mom. Free Doolittle's lunch. Errands accomplished. Bills paid. Hubs time. Pets time.

Friday, May 22

Nutrition: Man, roasted almonds are the tastiest thing in my world. Wait, no; can't be as good as bacon. But close.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Kind Strong bar
Acne: I've got a pretty rotten breakout happening. Given the timing, I think last weekend's pizzas are in the clear, because it only got awful yesterday/today. I've had a daily Kind Strong bar this week, and those are quite sweet. Also I've had a few days of the chews, which are pure sugar (from tapioca). I have also been eating industrial-raised pork fat (bacon ends & pieces) daily since Saturday; timing makes it seem okay, unless it's a quantity thing. Well, shit, that's a lot to try ruling out, isn't it? The bacon will continue (because BACON), I can ditch the Strong bars, keep the chews for now, but they'll be next to go if it worsens.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 88% quality. FALSE. More like 68%; I don't understand Sleep Cycle sometimes! I was awake until nearly 1030p, even getting up twice (once to toss the dogs outside when the hubs came home, but went to basement to check out sump pump; once to re-close the bedroom door after the hubs was in/out). Slept solidly, but then tossed & turned shortly after 4a

Healthy Movement: Aching some from deadlifts & the run, but better than expected after the crap sleep. Hip back a little, as is shoulder.  Sat all afternoon at NSS, with awful posture but little effect.

Fun & Play: Moving slow in the AM. Deer in the backyard again. Free coffee at Caribou due to what I purchased! Dustin chitchat, which involved seeing an absolutely insane change in my ring pulls over the last three months (more a technique victory than strength, lotta kip there - YEAH BUT STILL):
  • 2/26: 16+14+12+13=55
  • 5/21: 20+17+18+17=72
Lunch with my BB in the perfect day's sunshine. Afternoon at NSS filled with a lotta Dustin, intern Steve, and HB silliness. A silent house. Fetch with my sillies. 

Thursday, May 21

Nutrition: Used the gift from BK at Caribou this morning to make MY day, and my Timmy's day, too.
  • 1 Larabar
  • Kind Strong bar
  • Pro Bar chews (post-run)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 81% quality. Solid as shit, but the dogs woke me.

Healthy Movement: Feeling awesome. Zero aches & pains from the sprints, which seems impossible - not even any hip flexor tightness? Also, no aches ever surfaced yesterday from Tuesday's squats, and only the slightest upper-back tightness after benching. What? Session felt pretty much fantastic.Walk to run was a delight, introduced the dirt trail behind Discovery. Afterward I logged my first two-a-day, with a hard/fast run using the walk to run timing. It was tough, but doable. Some tightness up in left hip flexor afterward.

Fun & Play: Three deer strolling through the backyard at 530am. Silly coworker chitchat. Break time with BK. Afton volunteering plans, including staying with cousin Diane the night before. (I requested to work the start/finish line so I can see how it works at an efficient race, to bring it back to the races we do here. AND, to get smart at something specialized so I can keep volunteering at the RSR races any time I'm not crewing - fun!) Session. Timmy chitchat. Walk to run on a GORGEOUS night. Chitchat with BP afterward. Having the energy to log a second hard workout. Silent night at home with the critters.

Stress Management: Seems the hubs is back to miserable & hating his job, and now trying to figure out what to do with his life, even risking being fired by refusing to do the chore he detests. Trying very hard not to freak out unnecessarily, trusting they will all find a solution, but this is most definitely not fun times.

Wednesday, May 20

Nutrition: Improved a touch, in that I actually had some veggies for the first time in DAYS. Still, much room for improvement, and I'm missing my pre-made meals a LOT.
  • 2 Larabars
  • Kind Strong bar
  • ProBar chews (before sprints)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 96% quality. Solid, and enough for one night, but not quite getting me caught up.

Healthy Movement: Body feels surprisingly good, even right out of bed. Class warm-up was easy-peasy. SA chin work was HARD again. Left shoulder and elbow tolerated it okay. Holea couldn't sprint, so I decided to do hills after Team Training, but then I didn't have my Garmin (no data?!) so I went home and sprinted across the yard while playing fetch with the dogs (and I haz data!). It was quite fun, and the pooches were delighted.

Fun & Play: Class. Bonus BB chitchat! Had my CPR training take just 2.5 hours, instead of 5.5 - yee haw! This meant I was able to join the team lunch, which was running late on grill time, thus prefaced by sunshine time on the patio chitchatting. Brief dose of BK/AS chitchat. Silly ROUSer texts. A big hairy work task finished. Team Training. Pooch time. Clyde in my lap time. Feeling normal again.

Stress Management: Better able to cope today. Learned of another coworker leaving (not on my team, but supports my team on some very key issues) and I feel SO GRATEFUL that this won't affect me personally. But still: I feel awful for those remaining.

Temperance: I totally stressed out about Team Training for much of the day. Turns out: it was super fucking awesome, and just the kind of thing I'm in love with, actually. It's people who know how to do things with good form, so I really only need to show them what they are doing with a few pointers here & there, give a little encouragement & enthusiasm, be silly & chatty, and make it FUN!

Tuesday, May 19

Nutrition: My face is breaking out quite a bit. Pizzas? Too much sugar? Dining out?
  • LB count today: only 2! But...
  • INBar (chocolate, & blech)
  • Kind Strong bar
  • No veggies besides Slawsa

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 88% quality. Solid as a rock, but got up tired.

Healthy Movement: Body actually feels good. Session was solid. Nothing special, but nothing disappointing. Hip markedly better. Shoulder improved. Did PT moves before class. Walk to run felt great, but I couldn't go get my own run afterward, as we had an LAE planning meeting that I'd spaced.

Fun & Play: Writing. Session. Solo Dustin time. Chitchat w/ coworkers, and w/ Timmy. A card from my BB. W2R. My ROUS beloveds. Tiny bit of hubs time.

Stress Management: Brain is so tired. I am so motherfucking ready to CHECK OUT from job #1, but so incapable. I really & truly want to change my date to, oh, TODAY, but I don't want to walk away leaving a disaster for my people. (I don't even know how they can make the time to learn things from me, much less do it when I'm gone, and I know it's not my problem, but I am STRESSING OUT ABOUT IT because I really & truly care about them.) But I really & truly want to get over to jobs #2 & #3 and be able to do the things I love doing.

Team Training (begins tomorrow for me) is stressing me out. Lead 20 people, in CJ's program, in a way that NSS wants me to, without any specific coaching besides what I've observed? Gulp.

Seems the hubs is doubting me again. I can't take it, I can't take it, I abso-fucking-lutely CAN'T take another round of that. No. To fix things, I need more hubs time. I don't have it to give.

Trying to fit it all in is exhausting me. Here's my tentative schedule for the next 6 weeks:
  • Monday: 615a teach my usual class; work until 430p, with a lunch break to run (hills); coach team training at NSS = 10.75 hours work, .5 hour workout
  • Tuesday: work ~630a-420p, with a lunch break to lift; teach my usual class; coach walk to run; run 30 minutes (fast/roads) = 9.25 hours work, 2 hours workout
  • Wednesday: 615a teach my usual class; work until 430p, with a lunch break to run (sprints); coach team training at NSS = 10.75 hours work, .5 hour workout
  • Thursday: work ~630a-420p, with a lunch break to lift; teach my usual class; coach walk to run; run 30 minutes (fast/roads) = 9.25 hours work, 2 hours workout
  • Friday: work ~630a-1230p at TS; work at NSS until ~6p (my one full rest day) = 11.5 hours work, 0 hours workout
  • Saturday: 7a coach walk to run; get my own (long/trail) run in; home chores & family time & laziness = 0 hours work, 1.5+ hours workout
  • Sunday: basement lifting; possibly a lap at LCSP; home chores & family time & laziness = 0 hours work, 1.5-2.5 hours workout
  • =51.5 hours work, 8-9+ hours workout (until long runs actually get long)
I have plenty of open weekend time...but my weekdays are brutal. Leave home at 6am, return (hopefully) by 7pm? KILLING. ME.

And yet, I will not die. I can do this. I will do this. The things I am committing to are VERY bucket-filling (other than job #1, obvi), and will rejuvenate me.

I shall channel the amazing Tina Fey:

Monday, May 18

Nutrition: Out of the ordinary / non-W30 consumed today:
  • cashew clusters
  • rice crackers
  • pork jerky & an apple for supper...on the run

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 82% quality. Much better in my own bed, just not enough to hit the recovery I need. REALLY REALLY tired all day long. When the eye doctor put in drops to dilate my eyes, then left for 15 minutes, I must have fallen asleep. I didn't THINK I did, but it felt like he was gone 4 minutes when he returned. So tired.

Healthy Movement: Feeling seriously fatigued, everywhere. Didn't even log any SA chin effort during class. Did manage to dig out my PT moves for the left hip and do those after class. And it felt quite a bit improved; I'm so dumb - why haven't I been doing this? Shoulder is a lot better. Thinking I can delay a James visit unless it doesn't keep on the up & up. I had zero energy today, for any of my life. I wanted a nap more than anything else in the world.

Fun & Play: Class. BK break time just to hide away from my workload. 50k chitchat all over FB. Time with a job #3 client helping her fix QuickBooks. Job #3 visit with the bosses to finalize details, and they are going to pay me more than expected: fuck yeah! Eye doctor, friendly peeps. Silly playful pups. Going to bed early.

Sunday, May 17

  • breakfast at Duluth Grill (red flannel hash, eggs, bacon)
  • Cashew Clusters

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 79% quality. A little better than the prior night. In later than I wanted, but I finally just left the group and crawled into bed. Got to sleep in an actual bed since one of our runners went home early; HH's white noise machine made up for my lack of earplugs (which REALLY hurt the prior night's sleep effort). Still, missed my own bed oh-so-much.

Healthy Movement: Sat in a car for 6 hours of driving again: yuck. Lifted with the hubs, which felt pretty awesome. BKSP'd, which did not. I think a lot of it was just overly-tired, "everything is going to shut down now" breakage. I really need to see James for this shoulder.

Fun & Play: Chitchat with HH, all the lovely race and runner and future plans talk. BK chitchat. HOME. Pets & hubs & lifting. BKSP.

Saturday, May 16

Nutrition: I may be missing some items:
  • tapioca toast at breakfast
  • entire bag of sea salt cashews
  • bag of pork jerky
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 945p-430a, 55% quality. Late because of chatty friends and I was sleeping on the couch. Crappy because I was sleeping on the couch & didn't want to mess with pulling it out into a proper bed. Up early because of volunteering.

Healthy Movement: Stood around most of the day. Sat some at packet-pickup, sat in car while traveling, and then sat around after like 2pm. Body started out feeling seriously whiny about the SHT miles last night, but better as the day went on.

Fun & Play: Volunteering with awesome people, for awesome people, at an awesome race. Crewing my beloveds. Making new friends. Talking to trail-running legends. Solidifying kinda-friendships. Feeling like I am actually part of this uber-awesome crowd, even though I am nowhere near the runner they are. Friendly pooches everywhere! Reliving the race stories with all my ROUSers. Peaceful nature.

Temperance: It is hard to accept that I am not capable of this level of badassery, but easy to admit that I don't WANT to put myself through such arduous tests. I just don't crave the beatdown anymore; I want my miles to be easy, free, fun, lovely. That's okay, right? To just enjoy myself?

Nature: So much peaceful nature, although I wish I'd had the energy for another SHT outing of my own. Still, all the fresh air & sunshine & gorgeous views were sheer bliss. Not the sunburn, though.

Friday, May 15

Nutrition: I'm going to stop logging everything, and instead log only non-W30 items. These should be the only things that MIGHT cause me acne. So, operating on memory three days later, I think that would only be two things:
  • Cobb salad (no cheese) at the Duluth Grill
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 85% quality. In late due to packing for the weekend.
Healthy Movement: Drove to Duluth, with a break halfway up, which is a LOT of sitting for this body. Logged two hours on the SHT with my new friend, not-serial-killer Brett. Felt a lot harder than I had hoped. Feet hurt early on, not a surprise, but my lungs couldn't handle the hills. What the fuck is going on, body? A few gorgeous overlooks, and the muddy spots were fun (not awful), and it was so gloriously peaceful. Happiness.

Fun & Play: Bonus Caribou time with my BB. Driving up with HH, and the nonstop chitchat. Introducing my ROUSers to the always-fanstastic Duluth Grill. Miles on the SHT. Race excitement. Time with my ROUS family.

Thursday, May 14

Nutrition: A coworker made smoked almonds for a bake sale. They were BOMB. Must get the papa to try making some, especially if they'll be side by side with some taste-infusing pork!
  • 530a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 845-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-smoked almonds, coffee w/ CM
  • 1145-ham & pickle roll-ups
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 115-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, apple, smoked almonds
  • 345-LB
  • (515-W2R + to/from)
  • 730-guacamole deviled eggs, raw veg

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 945p-5a, 84% quality. Up late due to company, plus hubs chitchat discussing my schedule. Woke naturally; would have been able to sleep in longer, but once again I had the coffeemaker overflowing. So dumb.

Healthy Movement: Shoulder still pretty crank; all else is feeling really good. I might be doing an ambitious SHT-binge this weekend. Like, Friday night, Saturday night, AND Sunday early morning. Sah-weet!

Had a pretty kickass session. Went into my pulls thinking I should just do ONE MORE beyond my usual stopping point, really risk hitting failure & stuck. And I hit 21, yee haw! Deadlifts were backed down after last week's massive PR and due to the upcoming running binge, which instantly made me annoyed I had told Dustin. I'm incapable of deloading sometimes, that's why I need me a Chief to think for me.

Walk to run outing was fantabulous fun; got in some supah-fast running (7:55 pace!) that actually felt quite good, from NSS to Big Ole & back.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Chipper coworkers. Tahoe logistics chitchat. 50k chitchat. Session. Afternoon at NSS which included a quick job-details chat with Mike, much laughter with Dustin, and a half hour with CJ talking through the Team Training overview. Oh my god, just like that, I'm going to be one of the two coaches, plus interns roaming around. Holy shit, me?! That certainly makes me care less whether TS decides to keep me on for teaching. But I still don't know how/when to fit my runs in; I have options but I don't really LOVE any of them. But I'll figure it out!

FB fun with my TROUSers. SUPER looking forward to this weekend. Tons more 50k chitchat plus logistics. I didn't pack but I did check out weather forecasts, lay out clothes for each run, gather some food together, make some lists for the occurred to me that I have more effort into the logistics of my weekend than the racers! I have to fully self-support my runs and my crewing, while they will be fully supported via aid stations. Funny, but I guess they paid a fee for that service! It will be a good dose of training for me, anyway. I'm hoping Friday night with Todd is the longer & tougher run, then Saturday race day delight can fuel an easy outing with recovering-from-injury Amy & friends, and then maybe Sunday will be tough again, but I get a rest day on Monday (appointments + two jobs = no time for running), so I should just have to suck it up, buttercup. And rely on an SHT sunrise to fuel me.

Wednesday, May 13

  • 5a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-hot cereal w/ Renola, coffee w/ CM
  • 1245p-tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, apple, Larabar
  • 3-LB
  • 6-hot dogs, Slawsa, raw veg w/ guac, guacamole deviled eggs, ham & pickle roll-ups, chia bootch

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 67% quality. Weird, I would have called it 90% or so. Don't remember waking other than at 445a. Although, at that point I rolled over and snuggled back in, thinking it was maybe 330a, and wasn't exactly delighted to hear the phone buzz.

Healthy Movement: Lower body a bit achey getting up, good with movement. Left shoulder felt better, until I did SA chin work in class - and then the left elbow also got in on the complaining. I would say this is my holyshit pull-up numbers finally coming back to bite me right in the tendons. If it's not calming down after another weekend of no pulls, then I'll HAVE to go see James next week. Had a rest day off running, due to NSS picnic & a bit of sheer laziness.

Fun & Play: Quiet pooches. A stupidly-long, mostly-useless, morning meeting canceled, hooray! Break with BK. 50k chitchat with all the TROUSers. Making SHT running plans with other volunteers, which is a delight; thought I wouldn't be able to get any running in while crewing up there. Time showing my Timmy a task. Kind of a total fuck-off at work today, frankly. I didn't want to do my work at ALL.

NSS picnic time was SUPER fun, everyone just hanging & chilling, watching dogs & kids play. The weather wasn't awesome so we all hung out in the garage, but the temps were nice, no bugs, so the door into the house could just stay wide open, which made it less "we're stuck in the garage, bleah." Dogs got in a lot of fetch & chase, kids got in a lot of hide & seek, Lila enjoyed the mud puddles, and both Lila & Jennah's sister played on my rings.

Stress Management: I'm going to help with team training; CJ was uber-excited about having me help. this requires completely revamping my running schedule, either to lunch runs Mon/Wed, or trail runs after W2R the same nights as my NSS lifting; but it WILL be worth it. Right?

Random: Today I read that someone got a 2-hour massage, and my gut reaction was "Ugh, gross, that sounds awful." Because I don't want to be touched that long. No thank you, back the fuck away, and take your grabby little hands with you.

What's wrong with me? I like hugging my various beloveds, so it's not that I'm anti-touch, it's just, I don't know, don't be groping me, yo. The idea gives me the very same visceral reaction as the idea of wearing a turtleneck: "GET OFFA ME RANOW."

Tuesday, May 12

  • 530a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 830-hot cereal w/ Renola
  • 10-Larabar
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, apple, INBar (this one fairly tasty, Cinnamon Swirl)
  • 345-beef hot dog
  • (530-W2R)
  • 645-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, pickles

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 76% quality. Woke at 330a to a near-Hank/Clyde argument, but it ended quickly. Perhaps Hank has a memory after all!

Healthy Movement: Aching getting out of bed, mainly lower legs. Tiny bit of left-hip ache, but not noticeable unless I think about it. Shoulder is much improved over yesterday, though still way too "there" for my tastes. Dustin actually decided to modify my session a bit, add some lat stuff that he promised would leave me sore (when I asked if huge). I got crank about the sad bench, but he also promised that big-picture we're fine. Wise damned chief! Managed some SA chin work in class, trying to consistently get 10 reps of something, but nothing seems to be getting any easier. Just that hard, or am I not doing enough? Lower back tightened up a little after the session. Walk to run was a delight once again, although the left big toe tendon is a little crank when not in shoes.

Fun & Play: A slow-moving morning. Talking to Dustin about CPR, group fitness, Team Training. Good news: if teaching makes me super happy, they are inclined to let me. Not thrilled, not going to let "just anyone" do this, but if I NEED IT then they are okay with it. But they DO also want to use me for Team Training*! House cleaning finished up as planned, hubs home to help as well, including fixing the vacuum CLOGGED TIGHT with pet hair. Crazy-ass wild-ass Hank running full speed through the house all night - both annoying & incredibly endearing. Love my foolish little pooch.

Grateful I can look at the messy cluttered rooms and decide to just let people see it, who the fuck cares? I don't live in a model home or a museum, and this is not a house showing that needs to appear perfect - nor does it matter one whit what THEIR houses look like or what they think of it. Fuck it. Are they coming over to see a perfect house, or to have fun with their coworkers? 'Zactly.

*Stress Management: However, they are thinking I can help already with this next Team Training, which begins NEXT WEEK OMG WHUT. I don't know how to fit that into my schedule, quite honestly. It's on my LCSP-ing nights, yo, so it means doing lunch runs instead of happy trail evenings, and they'll have to be at least hour-long runs, as I've really gotta keep my mileage up to be totally ready for Tahoe, which will be just a few weeks after Team Training ends. ARGH! But I can't not jump in on this, it's an investment in my future.

Monday, May 11

Nutrition: I wanted to drink All The Coffee and eat All The Food today. And so I did.
  • 5a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-IN Bar (bleah, gross)
  • 10-LB, coffee w/ CM
  • 1145-Renola
  • 1230p-tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, apple
  • 245-LB
  • 345-rice crackers
  • 5-half LB
  • (530-7m trails)
  • 645-half LB
  • 730-salad w/ balsamic, hot dog w/ Slawsa, toast

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a,74% quality. Excellent other than a 1:15 AM massive cat fight (started by a scared Hank seeking solace from the thunder, on the bed, which is Cat Territory).

Healthy Movement: Shoulder is much crankier than I expected/hoped after a full rest day; I mean, I didn't even do any pull-ups yesterday, what gives?! SA chin work in class was not painful, but it was a tiny bit worse afterward. Getting frustrated. And worried. And maybe I should go visit my ol' pal James, but in WHAT SPARE TIME? Got more tired than usual at standing desk today: aching knees for the first time in ages. What's going on? Happily, the lap at LCSP w/ DQ felt pretty good. We walked all the hills because my lungs/his taper, but the legs were feeling strong.

Fun & Play: Kick-ass class. Couple of nice, productive meetings. Lunch w/ BK to hear a full, first-hand race report. Chatty coworkers. LCSP lap, talking 50k talk, and a bonus of two deer bedded down & watching us go by, not a concern of dashing away. Wouldn't it be the neatest if they recognized us? "Oh, that chick with the fluffy hair, she's not a worry. All she does is stare like an idiot. Hey lady, take a freaking picture, it'll last longer!"

Sunday, May 10

Nutrition: I love Mother's Day, because it definitely means smoked meats every time. Today I ate my fill of ribs, then Dad pointed out I hadn't had the seasoned ones, so I had even more. Happy belly!
  • 645a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, SB&J toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-Larabar
  • 1p-many ribs, roasted veg w/ balsamic, raw veg, fruit, coffee
  • 6-hot dog w/ garlic Slawsa, pickles, apple w/ SB, chia bootch

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1015p-630a, 90% quality. In late due to bonfire time (worth it), and Hank slept in because he was up even LATER due to HIS bonfire time with the hubs. Both dogs were completely shot today.

Healthy Movement: Slightly tight lower legs, rest feels good. Left shoulder & hip seem improved already, though still fairly crank. Spent much of the day sitting & had low energy/interest in lifting by the time I returned from Mother's Day visiting. Just did more chores and accepted the rest day.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Quiet, slow morning after yesterday's madness. Dad's bookkeeping knocked out. Visiting my lovely family. A race report from BK. More chores knocked out; place is finally close enough to presentable.

Saturday, May 9

Nutrition: After second breakfast, today turned into one of those days where eating seems like a chore, no food sounds good, I don't have anything easy to eat, and goddamn it, maybe I just want a shitty frozen thin crust pizza; why can't I eat that and not pay the price of an ugly face for two weeks?
  • 515a-eggs, side pork, toast, coffee w/ CB
  • 615-larabar
  • (7-W2R)
  • (8-7m trails)
  • 10-eggs, ham, potatoes (Trav's!)
  • 2-apple w/ SB, SB&J toast
  • 6-brat w/ Slawsa, Larabar, SB&J toast, bootch
  • 845-jerky, apple chips, bootch

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-4a, 90% quality. Very sound; only woke a couple times and always easily fell back. Woken by my little prancersizer, Hankypank. Hit all-out dead tired at 7pm, laid on the couch for an hour, dozing with Clyde, because I wanted to stay up "late" for a bonfire.

Healthy Movement: Body is much improved. Shoulder was better when rolling over in bed, hardly noticeable in comparison to the sharp pain of the previous night. Walk to run was as easy as walking. LCSP lap felt pretty damn great, easier than it's been lately. Brief respite for second breakfast with Holea, then cleaned my house all damned day. Somehow, this was completely exhausting. During my evening cat nap, the left hip all-out screamed when I rolled onto my back. Fuck.

Fun & Play: I sure WISH I could say "sleeping in" here but at any rate I used my extra time to knock out some silent chores rather than just be lazy & read, before heading out. Walk to run on a gorgeous morning. LCSP-ing with a couple of my ROUS beloveds. Second breakfast, and at Trav's, and with my Holea. Received a couple of updates from Kate on BK's race, though not a word from him, which stings. ("Don't take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you.") A mostly-clean house. Bonfire time with the hubs.

Temperance: So many things to do, so little time, only one of me. Missing out on the excitement of many pals racing in Fargo; deeply missing a 50-mile-racing BK badassery event, not there to help or enjoy a day in the woods; couldn't even have a chill, slow day as I needed to cram my morning in, then hustle back for cleaning my entire house top to bottom. I can't believe what a social butterfly I have become, but I'm looking forward to the event that prompted this house-cleaning: my NSS beloveds coming over with their families to grill hot dogs and play games and have fun (Dear Mother Nature: May I have nice weather for this, pretty please?).

Friday, May 8

Nutrition: Pretty hangry today. The current acne outbreak, which I can only attribute to too many Larabars, is the only thing that prevented me from having yet another 4-Larabar day. Damn this extreme sensitivity level. Damn my inability to properly provide calories.
  • 530a-eggs, side pork, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 830-Larabar
  • 1015-another LB
  • 1130-jerky, apple
  • 145-LB, bootch
  • 3-roast beef, jerky
  • 630-fried egg sandwiches w/ mustard, decaf

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 76% quality. Wide awake and h/s/g at 130a, got up for chews, bathroom, water. May have to swap out my tee for a tank, could just be simple overheating. Major shoulder pain anytime I came off the left side.

Healthy Movement: Aching a little bit all over, fresh out of bed. Left shoulder is still pretty damned crank. Like, "just gonna reach up & scratch my head--OWIE!" crank. Fucksticks. Fuck All the Sticks! Movement in almost every direction makes it hurt. Total rest day, and sat at NSS. Pretty low energy by the time I headed home; not total "fuck the world" depletion, but still-extreme "so glad the hubs is gone and I can have silence" levels.

Fun & Play: Quiet pooches in the AM. Deer in the backyard. Caribou for me & a gift card delivery to BK, so he can have a treat with his girlie on the way to kick ass in a 50-miler tomorrow. Sad that I can't be there too, but this social butterfly has too much else going on this month, and this sty of a house ain't gonna clean itself! Bunch of Relay donations piled in, woot! Holea B at NSS. Pet time. Sunshine. Silent house. 

Thursday, May 7

  • 6a-eggs, beef hot dog, side pork, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 815-Larabar
  • 945-hot cereal w/ Renola, coffee w/ CM
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-roast beef, butternut squash, Larabar
  • 4-apple, LB
  • (530-W2R)
  • 630-peas & carrots w/ Slawsa, roast beef, SB&J toast

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 77% quality. Woke at 315a, but fell back easily.

Healthy Movement: The hip pain is back in a rather sneaky way: I feel it when I roll over in bed, and promptly forget about it after I wake up. Otherwise, I really don't feel it anymore. But it's a sharp pain then - enough to worry about, or no? Had a FUCK YEAH session. Left shoulder quite a bit crank afterward, and that's the side of the barbell stayed down on my failed lift, so maybe it is getting pulled out of it's proper pocket? and flaring up on those? ...interesting...will have to talk it through with Dustin. Got really tired and crank throughout the afternoon, wanted to sit, wanted to eat everything, kinda wanted to cry over little things, that's how exhausted I got, and just that quickly. Evening outing with the W2R peeps was again a blast. I love it. I need to get smarter about sharing newbie info like how to dress, though, not just get carried away in the movement. I'll get better!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Opening the patio door to let in the sounds of a freshly-washed morning full of happy birds and frogs. Break time w/ BK. Kickass badass session. NOT being questioned on my work, hooray! Walk to run. Hubs time.

At the W2R outing, BP mentioned to another runner that it would be crazy to set a goal of BQ-ing in your first marathon, and I said, "I did!" - and she said, "Yeah, but you're Sabrina!" It's still such a surprise for me to hear those kinds of insinuations, because there is nothing inherently badass about me. Every great thing I've ever accomplished is merely a result of doing the things I like with passion & consistency. It's simple math!

Wednesday, May 6

  • 330a-3 chews
  • 515-eggs, beef hot dog, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 730-LB, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-hot cereal w/ CB
  • 1230p-roast beef, yam, apple
  • 230-beef jerky, Renola
  • 515-apple
  • (530-5.5m trails)
  • 745-beef hot dog, SB&J toast

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 73% quality. Worse. Took a while to fall asleep, woke at 3a h/s/g and had to get up for bathroom, water, chews, and it still took a while to fall back; didn't feel like I did before 4a, and of course it happens on a morning I HAVE to be up 5. Gross.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good. In class, worked on some SA drills, and my left elbow shouted some anger. A bit sudden, but it feels tendonitis-y, so I'm not sure what to think. Demoing pushups made the left shoulder scream, so maybe that whole chain is just a bit effed. Stopped with the SA drills and let it be, rubbed the muscles some. Got better as the day went on. Feeling squats & bench a little bit, but in a good way. Had a lovely trail run with Aaron. SO MANY DEER, a gorgeous eagle, a stop for pull-ups, and much fun chitchat.

Fun & Play: Calm pooches. A fun class. Silly coworker fun. Break w/ BK, lunch w/ BK & AS. Lovely trails. Hubs time.

Tuesday, May 5

Nutrition: Delighted to find special treats from my BB: plantains & bootch! SHE IS THE BESTEST BESTIE EVAH.
  • 6a-eggs, beef hot dog, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 7-Larabar
  • 10-jerky, PLANTAINS!
  • 1115-half LB
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-roast beef, yam, half LB, CHERRY BOOTCH!
  • (530-2m W2R)
  • 7-beef hot dog, plantains, SB&J toast

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 87% quality. Solid; woke once or twice, but always back quickly. No dancing, prancing Hanky to wake me up.

Healthy Movement: I feel nothing from the downhills. Fucking awesomesauce! Session felt a little on the MEH side, like things were solid but felt like I had to work for it, and usually if I'm working that hard it's for STELLAR numbers. Trying to appreciate that today I did my best, and all I can ask for is the opportunity to keep doing so. Few SA chin drills during class, but not much time, as I was babysitting everyone on their pulldowns, making them a badass 1RM-style effort, so they quit sandbagging on the weights! After class, led the first walk to run outing of the program. Felt great all over; wore the Vibrams and plan to continue doing so (long as I can get away with it) for all of those outings.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Time to move slowly through my morning: so blissfully restorative. Treats from my BB. Session with Timmy. Party plans with Dustin, I'll be hosting the NSS family picnic next week! Woo hoo, fun times! (Oh shit, gotta clean house times!) Had a fantastically strong class, super-duper fun, then immediately followed it up with the first walk-to-run night. THE BESTEST. I just love doing this. Making more runners makes my heart sing & dance with pure unadultered happiness.

Stress Management: Doing my job poorly, or at least that's how it feels. Did all my month-end entries in record time, felt awesome, but the end result cannot possibly be right but I DON'T KNOW WHY NOT and I don't have the time to explain why it COULD possibly be right because record-breaking time is needed for back-breaking workloads and I simply don't have the tools for a true & thorough analysis and it JUST KILLS ME that I can't do this job well.

That's what I'm realizing has beaten me down the most: the high expectations on tight deadlines and massive workloads mean half-assing things, and I am not a half-asser at ANYTHING that I care about. I WANT to do this job well, I WANT to find the right answers, but I can't. Not without many days of digging, or much-improved tools, or years of knowledge, none of which I may have. So frustrated by it all.

Monday, May 4

  • 5a-eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-LB
  • 945-LB, apple
  • 1130-macadamia nuts
  • 1245-pork roast, apple, LB
  • 5-LB
  • (515-2.5m downhills)
  • 6-beef jerky, apple chips

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 82% quality. Solid; woke a couple times, always fell back. Woke at 430a hoping I had lots of time left, but nope. Got to wake Hanky today, and he flopped on the rug by the door, acting like he didn't have the energy to sit upright. Jerk!

Healthy Movement: Felt some upper-back tightness when I demonstrated 80-lb swings in class, but deliciously so. Bit of leg fatigue in warm-up. Left calf a little tight, but nothing is painful. Ran downhills and limited myself to one of each, just in case anything is bothered by it. Felt amazingly easy and nothing hurt, but such a drastic change from my usual; given my stupid delicate-flowerness, better short & safe than sorry.

Fun & Play: Tough-girls class. Got flocked! Productivity. Lunch with Timmy, outside in the sunshine: GLORIOUS. Walk to run details with BL & MH - YEE HAW!! Downhill bombing that felt incredibly easy. Relay meeting. Hubs time. 

Sunday, May 3

  • 530a-eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-SB&J toast
  • (830-basement lifting)
  • 1030-Paleo On The Go pancakes w/ maple syrup & honey, coffee w/ CM
  • 130p-burger w/ mustard, apple w/ SB, bootch
  • 5-larabar
  • (530-7m trails)
  • 715-burger w/ mustard on toast, apple

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 77% quality. Woke once or twice, always back easily, until Hanky's early-morning prancing.

Healthy Movement: Slight bit of tightness behind left knee, slight bit of back tightness from the butchering. All cleared up well with movement, and I logged a pretty kick-ass lifting session in the basement. OH press progressed right on schedule (rare), pull-ups felt great despite three full days away from them. Squats showed some imbalanced weirdness in the legs, but better on last set and normal in deadlifts. Actually did All The Lifts with the barbell, though at warm-up weights and mixed with pulls only. My plan is to sloooowly build up into progressive weights on all of them, but based entirely on how I feel each week. Left shoulder a bit crank afterward.

Evening run at LCSP with BK went pretty well: pushed fast again, still walked all the hills. Need to try backing down pace and running all the hills, will be a huge achievement once I get back to that spot. Stretched core in parking lot afterward; vaguely felt it on run. Left hamstring didn't bother; wondering if it's mainly the switch in shoes to more minimal than my winter choices. Can still feel a pinch in a deep squat, but it's dialed back to more of a dull ache than the sharp pain it was last week. 

Fun & Play: A slow-moving morning. Took my coffee outside to enjoy the peaceful blissful silence of noisy birds at sunrise. Read a bunch: literally spent the first three hours of my day eating breakfast, reading, drinking coffee, and very little else. LOVELY. Logged my workout, then followed it up with some computer time, catching up on misc little tasks. Almost all my chores accomplished. Fetch time. Hubs time. BKSP time.

Saturday, May 2

Nutrition: Introduced the butchering family to Slawsa: a HUGE hit!
  • 530a-fried eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 730-Larabar
  • 1p-salad, ham & Slawsa on toast, roasted veg, LB, kombucha
  • 430-Apple w/ SB
  • 630-ginormous hamburger topped w/ fried egg & mustard on toast, apple chips

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 81% quality. Solid; woke shortly after 1a, but fell back easily. Hankypank woke me. Napped like a champ, 3-430p, with the happiest of kittehs snugged up on either side of me.

Healthy Movement: Initially I'd planned to lift first thing in the morning, but I just didn't want to. Paid bills instead, then went to the parents' to butcher beef. On feet for about five hours, but the work wasn't hard. Napped at home just because I could!

Fun & Play: Greeted the gorgeous sunrise. Family time. Ecstatic pooches on a road trip. Quiet time at home, much reading done. Bit of hubs time.

Friday, May 1

Nutrition: I was SUPER hungry today.
  • 515a-eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-Larabar
  • 9-pork jerky, apple
  • 1115-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, LB
  • (1245p-5.5m run)
  • 2-rice crackers, summer sausage, LB
  • 6-eggs, beef hot dog, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, decaf w/ CM, apple w/ SB

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 10p-5a, 50% quality. In late due to hubs, slept like crap, flipping constantly (or so it felt), and woke early, naturally. Got up feeling surprisingly good, though!

Healthy Movement: Body feels mostly great; hamstring tight spot is non-existent. Left shoulder hurt all day; maybe I was sleeping on it weirdly ? Feeling some fatigue, mostly mental. Tired from the short night, and a hard-on-the-brain work day. Considered skipping my planned run, but then got angry that my unwanted job would yet again take away time with friends doing my hobby: NO I DON'T THINK SO. Ran the bike trail with BK, and he led me to a a delightfully quiet little patch of peace at a tiny park I've never seen. I shall have to return there again, as it was pure silent perfection, much like the bliss spot down at GLSP that I want to live in for all my days. We ran hard (okay, FINE: I ran hard, BK only coasted), and once again the legs were great but the lungs were working pretty hard. That's what I need to keep doing, though, or else I'm going to be a dropped pacer, and that's going to take all the fun out of it! Stretched thoroughly afterward, calves & left hip, which tightened up a teensy bit throughout the afternoon, as did that left hamstring, but nothing like it was earlier in the week.

Fun & Play: Super productive work day. Can get a lot done when I buckle down & focus. (Even when I don't really focus - as long as I don't have extra interruptions besides the ones I provide myself!) BK chitchat. Dad chitchat, logistics for tomorrow. Fetch with pets. Reading. Writing with my soft, sweet, adoring Clyde in my lap. Going to bed early.

Thursday, April 30

Nutrition: Nothing but shortcuts for a couple days. Outta everything at home!
  • 530a-eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-Larabar, CM latte
  • 9-macadamia nuts, Americano from my BB!
  • 1115-beef jerky, apple chips
  • 1245p-beef jerky, apple chips, LB
  • 245-macadamia nuts
  • 530-jerky, macadamia nuts
  • 7-apple w/ SB

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 90% quality. Pretty solid; woke at 330a and happily snuggled back in, but the coffeemaker overflowed & made enough noise to wake me at 515a. Not a delightful alarm, but it wasn't the mess I was fearing.

Healthy Movement: Feeling some good all-over fatigue from the deadlifts, but nothing is specifically aching. Left hamstring dealio is better. Took my rest day because of too much work.

Fun & Play: An indulgent Caribou visit. Chitchat with Timmy. A Caribou delivery from my BeloveBuddy! Good team meeting. Plans to hook up with DBB bosses to finalize THOSE job details as well. Weekend running plans with BK. Lunch with BK & AS. Afternoon at NSS, although far too quiet with everyone gone. Filthy digging-addicted pooches. Hubs time.