Tuesday, April 28

  • 515a-eggs, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, chicken sausage, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-summer sausage, coffee w/ CM
  • 1030-LB
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, apple, LB
  • 445-LB
  • 7-salad w/ tomato dressing, toast, apple w/ SB

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 89% quality. Sure, after 10p. Hubs & I had ourselves a great little argument/breakdown/disaster at bedtime. THAT WAS FUN TIMES. Still not resolved this morning, either. Le sigh.

Healthy Movement: Tight lower legs, almost-pain in left foot; all better once moving. Going into session, developed a weird tightness behind left leg. No idea what the hell, but it got worse throughout the day, to nearly limping. Session itself was deload week, stupid lame nonsense, damn I hate deload week. And my pulls super sucked, what? Luckily, somehow, despite it all: maintained my good mood, happy chitchat with Dustin, great fun.

Fun & Play: W2R plans. BK chitchat. Session, with Timmy. Good meeting with team leadership. Fun, full class. Tahoe logistics. Fetch on a gorgeous night. A visit from the in-laws. (Kept expecting the hubs to come home, but he's still pumping. Local, but still pumping AMAP. Gah.)

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