Sunday, April 12

Nutrition: I wasn't hungry most of the day. I know that I took in MORE than enough calories while crewing, so I'm okay with a low day.
  • 7a-eggs, ham, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 12p-nuts
  • 4-olives, Epic bar, bootch
  • 630-raw veg w/ guac

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 830p-630a,77% quality. Much better than that, more like 97%! I woke at 330a, then again around 5a (dogs, which Hop dealt with), then I woke back up when Hop's alarm began going off and couldn't fall back. Got up very tired and headachey. Energy level stayed decent throughout the day and I decided against a nap but FOR going to bed early, just get right back on my normal schedule.

Healthy Movement: Aching hips, knees, feet, and glutes. Left foot had a strange new pain which has me anxious. Sat much of the day on the computer, which was a bad idea: stiff every time I rose. Logged some pulls in the afternoon, sets of 6 each chin, pull, ring, & repeated once for a total of 36. All strict, and kept the sets 5-ish minutes apart to prevent the angered shoulder of last weekend's 20-minute-spaced sets. Felt great, easy peasy. Looking forward to a trail run tomorrow, inspired by all the immense badassery I witnessed this weekend!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Writing about & reliving Zumbro, cementing in the memories. FB fun seeing pictures and talking more about it, including a message from a runner I helped out (& had never met before), who was very grateful. Being a total sloth yet still getting my chores done. Brushing all the pets outside in the sunshine. Fetch with the pooches. No obligations and no need to leave my house. Beautiful, blissful silence; enough time to decompress before the workweek. The realization that my workweek is back down to only five days. Normalcy!

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