Saturday, April 4

Nutrition: I am so damn sick of Larabars that I am actually missing egg bakes & other protein-based snacks. Even a cold, plain hot dog sounds tastier. Looking forward to having my weekends back for proper food prep.

  • 6a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Brussels sprouts, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 9-Larabar, chia bootch
  • 1215p- tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, apple, LB
  • 345-SB&J sandwich
  • 545-pork jerky, LB 
  • 8-mixed nuts

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 88% quality. Woke briefly when the hubs came home at 3a, then woke naturally around 530a. Thankfully solid.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, but I'm taking the rest day. Was happy not to be getting up early to hit the trails. Considered bringing gear to run at lunch in Sauk, but bleah to roads. Take the rest day again. 

Think I'm connecting the dots like so: mental stress impacts my running (see Monday night) and may or may not impact lifting; but even after the stress ends, there is a delayed impact to my lifting, at which time running starts to improve. Seems to be the pattern. So hopefully things come around by tomorrow but if not, no big loss. I'll for sure get my pulls in, at least. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. A peek out at the lunar eclipse. Deer on the tree line. Slow-moving morning as I tried to hang around to see the hubs, but he still wasn't up at 7a, and I just had to leave by then (otherwise would be super late getting out of tax firm, didn't want that). Taxy peeps. Taxy paycheck! Productivity. Last day of tax season for me. Quick dose of efficiency at dad's shop. Time to read with a sweet snuggly Hank. 

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