Saturday, April 25

Nutrition: I ate All The Food today. Just steadily hungry.
  • 3a-orange chews
  • 5-egg, toast, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, coffee
  • (6-7m run)
  • 730-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee
  • 12p-salty cashews, orange chews, apple w/ SB
  • 4-pork roast, toast, Larabar, bootch
  • 730-Daiya pizza

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 69% quality. WIDE awake 2-3a or so. After fighting it, I got up for bathroom, water, orange chews (quick carbs), but it still took a while to fall back. Got up tired.

Healthy Movement: Got up tired of course, but body felt good. The run was fast (on purpose), and the legs held up really well. Some ache in left shin, but not enough to worry. Felt like Wonder Woman to push a fast pace just 2 days after that boosted deadlift volume, and still feel good - yay! Pretty lazy rest of the day, although no nap, proud of that.

Fun & Play: ROUS run, mostly with with Heidi. ROUS breakfast at Trav's, including bonus celebrities Shawn & Andy & Soren, and even Tina, one of last year's W2R grads - woo hoo! BK chitchat. Hubs chitchat. Chores. Reading time. Silly pets. Figured out a way to be an official volunteer at Spring Superior, before crewing duties begin. 

Personal Growth: I asked Mike & Dustin whether or not they would be cool with me continuing to teach classes at TS. I feel 50/50 on whether or not TS would approve (nothing is predictable these days, besides chaos), but if NSS says no then at least I haven't wasted time. Not sure if they would care or no (maybe my attendees will come to NSS if I'm not available...but doubtful) but they matter first & foremost.

If they aren't cool with that, I'm back to just walk-to-run to fill my teaching bucket. And that's wonderful, but so not enough, at only two months of the year. Yet I'm not SO into teaching that I can get up to NSS standards of knowledge, at least not in my mind. Maybe they'd let me help with team trainings at some point? Could I lead some fall trail-running excursions like W2R, maybe something structured that trains people for the Norseman?

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