Saturday, April 18

  • 5a-SB&CB&J toast, coffee w/ CM
  • (545-5.5m trails)
  • 730-eggs, Brussels sprouts, toast, decaf w/ CM
  • 11-apple, meat sticks
  • 230p-Paleo pancakes (meh) w/ SB&J&H, bootch
  • 7-steak, lobster, baked potato

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 53% quality. Again, not THAT bad, more like 73%. Dogs barked again at some point, though I didn't get up (looks like 1a on the graph), and also Hank was active at 330a which only left me an hour to squeeze in a sleep cycle, so I got up rather tired. Napped for 2 hours post-run, helped energy a lot.

Healthy Movement: Um, it's time to be honest: I'm aching a LOT again. Left shoulder and left core bother me whenever I roll over in bed. Core feels fine during the days, though. Glutes sore from deadlifts and entire body is just bleah. The run went well, but only because BK was in need of slow & easy & short. Post-nap, lower legs were tight. Also, my favorite trail shoes are wearing through, and gave me a blister on my heel. They have a whopping 98 miles on them. What bullshit!

Fun & Play: BKSP. Nap time. Apol's to try on clothes for modeling gig, and I didn't hate it! Actually considered going legit shopping, but I don't need anything, and also, crowds of people, bleah. A wide open weekend. Reading time. Hubs chitchat. Fetch in the sunshine. Paying bills with Clyde in my lap. Taxy party. Lunch date scheduled with my BB and her peeps, yay!

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