Monday, April 13

  • 5a-eggs, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 745-LB
  • 945-meat stick, apple
  • 1045-coconut bar (the kind that FROZE on me at Zumbro)
  • 1245p-pork roast, toast, LB
  • 2-mixed nuts
  • (630-5.5m trails)

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 88% quality. So much for going to bed early, totally failed at that. Woke when hubs came home just before midnight, again at 330a, always fell back quickly. Woke naturally and felt pretty rested.

Healthy Movement: Stiff getting out of bed, but great once I got moving. Class warm-up felt better than it has in AGES, surprisingly. I logged some SA chin work during class, which are on the upswing again, although left shoulder is being a crank (go straight to hell, left shoulder, what is your PROBLEM, I shall HULKSMASH HOPSLAM YOU). Shins are a bit sore, left foot ache randomly popped up - I just ignored them. I had planned to run the YMCA trails over lunch due to LAE meeting after work, but then DQ offered to run LCSP with me after THAT meeting. Can't say no to that offer! We went fast (for me) but it felt good.

Fun & Play: Fun class. Fun coworkers. FB fun. Productivity with ONE of my tasks. LAE planning meeting with some of my favorite people. Trails with DQ.

Stress Management: Today I stood at my desk, staring at my various work piles, trying to decide what I should take home. WTF is that? I AM QUITTING THIS JOB and I can't stop being fully devoted! I'm not bragging: it's dumb to put so much importance on my job that I'm willing to take it home & work for free, even if it were a place I'm still devoted to. Work is not life. LIFE is life. This cult of overwork is bullshit, and I need out.

Today it occurred to me that I sorta stole BK's thunder with my post about crewing, because he is, hopefully, planning a write-up of his own. Fucksticks, sometimes I'm really really dumb. Now I'm stressing he's hating on me. But his story will be vastly different than my behind-the-scenes viewpoint, right?

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