Friday, April 3

Nutrition: Enjoyed the heck out of a spontaneous lunch date with a spastic HB today. Too fun!
  • 5a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Brussels sprouts, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 9-Larabar
  • 12-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee (Trav's!!)
  • 3-LB
  • 630-pork rinds w/ salsa, egg & cheeze & sausage on toast, apple w/ SB, bootch

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 84% quality. Woke at midnight to Hank loudly slopping up water, yelled at him & fell back; woke at 315a, easily fell back; woke at 4a, dozed until the prancing pooches got me up. Tired.

Healthy Movement: Lower back feels nearly normal. Forgot to mention I also acquired some neck tightness during/after yesterday's session, and that problem is still around. Got better throughout the rest day. Very low energy when I got home, brain just tapped. Sat on couch all night, like a slug. Not sure about a morning run.

Fun & Play: After not enough sleep, and feeling that "overwhelmed by my life" exhaustion, I decided NOT to leave the house at 6am when I was ready, but rather sit down with a book & my two cuddliest pets, until the hubs got up (if I don't see him in the morning, I don't see him at all; he got home at 12:30am). Made a huge difference to the state of my brain, but I still left the house feeling quite tired. Silliness w/ work peeps helped. Wonderful little chat with the CFO, finally, and I left thinking that man is awesome. Lunch w/ HB. Productivity. Fetch. Laziness with critters.

Stress Management: Getting better. Rereading my own advice helped. As does this: the realization that I will not miss the company I'm at, merely the people. And I can still see/hang with the people on a frequent basis - I'm still going to be in the same town, I'm still great friends with many of them, and hello, Facebook provides loads of interaction. But instead of giving all of my time & energy & talent to a company that I no longer adore, it will go to companies that I am fully invested in, and which also have people I care about. It's not just going to be different, it will be better. I must not get so deep into the loss that I can't see the immense gain.

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