Wednesday, March 4

  • 5a-sausage, Brussels sprouts, slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM (I out of eggs! Noooo!)
  • 930-apple w/ SB, coffee w/ CM
  • 12p-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee (Trav's!)
  • 245-Larabar
  • 6-jerky
  • 7-raw veg w/ guac, hot cereal

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 82% quality. In late due to hubs chitchat about supper, then sleep was pretty solid, but woke about 430a & had no time to doze.

Healthy Movement: Body feels surprisingly good - not even any squat soreness in my class warm-up. What? Rest day anyway - since sleep is not back on track, I am not allowed to run. The -5F temps are keeping that from being a sad disappointment. Some squat soreness by the end of the day, and slight upper back tightness from bench. I spent time on front of the mirror admiring the freakish shelf of muscle that the barbell rests on for back squats. Meathead, yo. 

Fun & Play: Happy times! Class. Productivity. BK time. Trav's with Timmy. Plotting a lunch date with BB. Hubs time. 

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