Wednesday, March 25

  • 445a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-hot cereal w/ Renola
  • 1230-carnitas, yam, Larabar
  • 5-Larabar
  • (515-7m trails)
  • 7-salad, SB&J dinner roll

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 80% quality. Woke when hubs came to bed at 930p - from solid sleep, UGH - and then woke at 3a thinking it was probably time to get up, and was DELIGHTED to see I had time for another sleep cycle. That Hanky didn't allow. Jerk of a dog!

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, even good during class warm-up. Logged 20 pulls over small sets of 3-4, just try some low EASY pulls for a while, see if that helps or hurts. Run with Heidi wasn't easy, had to walk hills & we weren't quick (too much talking to be quick!), but it was fun. No blistering tonight, but did gain an angry left toe tendon, and left core was tight in the eve. Did the PT stretch for it.

Fun & Play: Class. BK break. FB silliness. Run with Heidi: chatty and fun and bald eagles and deer and deep gulps of nature. Bliss. Silent house.

Temperance: Had an amazing thought this morning, comparing myself to another (leaner) woman: I wonder if she wishes she were as strong as me, or if she's grateful to be thinner than me. And I wonder if she has any clue whatsoever how INCREDIBLE it feels to be this strong? Because I wouldn't trade my strength for her leaner body, no way no how. Strength has saved me, made me a new person, a better & happier person and I won't go back to the skinny battle. I am not at war with my body.

Yesterday Dustin & I talked about racing and I said I'm still not interested, but not necessarily against anything, either. Just going to see what happens. That led into a bit of a discussion about how what I'm doing seems to be working; I'm PR-ing regularly, injury-free, etc. But I clearly know: even if I weren't doing better, even if I were performing exactly the same, my BRAIN STATE is so much improved that I'd still be doing better overall. This is where I intend to remain.

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