Wednesday, March 18

Nutrition: Acne surfacing. Gotta be the sugar. 
  • 5a-eggs, summer sausage, Brussels sprouts, GF toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-Larabar
  • 945-hot cereal w/ raisins, coffee w/ CM
  • (1215p-3.25m run)
  • 1-pork carnitas, toddler pack, apple
  • 4-LB
  • 6-salad w/ avocado & tomato dressing, toast, carnitas, bootch 

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 92% quality. Super duper solid until I gradually woke up to dancing Hanky.

Healthy Movement: Knee remains angry. Feeling some soreness from squats. Worked on some SA hanging during my morning class, something that is minimal work but over time will add a lot of strength for my SA goal. Ran slowly with Timmy, and it was loveliness. Felt as easy as a walk; was tempted to still add evening miles, (especially in the snow for some unexplainable reason?!) - but I decided that I am content with a generous deload from running for the week, so that my lifting is on the upswing again. It's still lifting season, don't get all carried away with spring running fever. Save that 'til Zumbro.

Fun & Play: Fabulous class. Break with BK. Run with Timmy. Massive breakthrough on a confusing work conundrum, and feeling smaht. Fetch time. Writing time. Hubs time. 

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