Thursday, March 26

Nutrition: Ate a giant supper in an effort to speed recovery from whatever is going on. As soon as I finished, I realized that it would fuck up tonight's sleep. Why am I so dumb?
  • 545a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-Larabar
  • 10-SB&CB toast, coffee w/ CM
  • (12p-dustin session)
  • 115-carnitas, yam, LB
  • 4-LB
  • 730-raw veg w/ guac, carnitas w/ guac, dinner roll

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 93% quality. That's total fucking bullshit; 43% is about right. In late because Lexi (the good dog!) was an asshole who I had to yell scream at several times to get her ass back inside, no idea what she was doing, but (what I wanted to be) a 5-minute outing took her 20. Then? I woke at 230a and also 315a says the sleep app, but I was mostly awake that whole time, hot & sweaty, tossing & turning, oh so tired, and I kept dreaming/thinking about work crap for some reason. Dogs tried waking me at 4:15, but I told those jerks to go back to sleep (with a lot of swears) and they did. And then I dreamed that they followed me some redonk far distance across the state, and Lexi had been hit by a car and one back leg was useless bloody meat and THEN at 530a I woke naturally, but painfully, angrily, with my brain in a state of total clusterfuck. An awful way to start to the day. What the fuck, yo?

Healthy Movement: Left toe and left core already feel better. Entire backside is tight though. I don't have any Saturday-morning running buddies to line up, I can't squeeze it in tomorrow morning, and I won't have energy left by either evening, so I'm probably not running this entire weekend. Feels like the body will appreciate it. In session, everything felt harder than it should have. I even CHOSE to dial back my deadlifts, gold star for me. No bonus pulls the rest of the day, just take some recovery time since I seem to need it, although I have no idea why.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning to make up for the rotten sleep. Caribou visit. Brief BK break time. Session. NSS all day afterward, including a meeting at which an important announcement was made that was VERY well-received, and it made me so happy. So happy!

Stress Management: I was so angry this morning. When I don't sleep well, I hate everyone, I just have zero fucking patience. Zero. Fuck the world and everyone in it. So I took a deep breath and shared the walk-to-run group as a #tbt. Thinking of that group always fills my heart to overflowing, because we changed lives. And we will do it again soon, and change even more lives. It worked, and I stopped being such a crank. But I was very damn thrilled to ditch TS and get onto my worky weekend o' fun.

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