Saturday, March 14

Nutrition: Little bit of acne popping up. There is nothing wonk in the past few days, other than an over-reliance on LBs (as usual). Talked with a taxy coworker today who has massive sensitivities that lead to migraines, joint pain, digestive issues, etc, and she made me feel grateful that my reactions are so mild, frustrated at what delicate flowers we are - and maddened by all the additional things I could include as suspect foods in my diet, such as industrial meat - like, maybe I shouldn't even order grain-fed steak at a restaurant?! She literally reacts to that. Please to baby hey zeus, no, don't let me become that insanely sensitive.
  • 5a-two fried egg sandwiches: one with Slawsa, one with cheese; coffee w/ CM
  • (6-road 10k)
  • 715-Larabar, Americano
  • 930-hot cereal w/ raisins
  • 1145-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, LB
  • 2-LB
  • 4-apple w/ SB, LB
  • 615-rice crackers
  • 9-mixed nuts

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 86% quality. Fairly solid but not enough. Alarm woke me. Energy levels tolerable throughout the day, even working until 8p.

Healthy Movement: Body a bit tight but zero concerns. 10k road run with BK was fast & good, but calves were VERY tight during & afterward. Stretched at DBB. Probably just the speed. Left knee was a little bit stiff & swollen after the spill, but nothing major, just didn't like stairs. Stood all day at DBB.

Fun & Play: Sunrise run to re-measure the 10k route with BK. My taxy peeps. My aunt. Nice talks with tax boss, his wife, and his son (also the tax boss, kinda - someday THE tax boss). Some FB silliness. Being able to come home and crawl straight into bed without anyone to be pleasant to.

Stress Management: Some numbers to explain my life in the past 14 days:
  • 90 hours worked at TS
  • 20 hours worked at NSS
  • 20 hours worked at DBB
  • 1 hour worked at NBS
  • 6 hours of lifting & 5 hours of running
  • ^^ that's 142 hours of effort which is 63% of my 224 hours awake (112 hours sleeping )
  • then add 52 hours for the busywork of life (eating, hygiene, errands, weekly chores) & 14 hours of commuting
  • and I'm left with 16 hours for time with hubs, volunteering, reading, TV/internet laziness, coffee/lunch with friends, fetch with dogs, etc.

That is a highly unbalanced & unsustainable lifestyle. Happily, only 3 more weeks of tax season (for me), culminating in Zumbro weekend and some precious time in the woods watching BK kick ass.

And then?

Major. Life. Overhaul. I can't freaking wait!!

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