Monday, March 30

  • 5a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-LB
  • 945-apple w/ homemade CB
  • 1030-fruit
  • 1230p-chicken & pork w/ mustard, toast, LB
  • 345-LB 
  • (515-trails)
  • 630-Renola
  • 7-raw veg w/ guac, pork & chicken

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 82% quality. CLYDE woke me this morning at 420a or so, banging open the door on the bathroom sink like a jackass, but I managed to keep dozing and woke up to fresh-brewed coffee. FINALLY a solid night of sleep. Thankful: going to need it for this day.

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty damned good, finally feeling rested. Went LCSP-ing solo, and as a run, it was a disaster, but as a nature outing, it was lovely. Helped the brain.

Fun & Play: Class! Lunch with my BB. LCSP. Quiet house. Hubs time.

Stress Management: Pretty much felt ill all day, thinking about talking to TC, but couldn't catch her free. Had to schedule it, finally, to tomorrow at 9a. Deep breaths.

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