Monday, March 2

  • 445a-eggs, Brussels sprouts, beef hot dog, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 915-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 1115-LB
  • 1230p-tuna w/ mustard, rice crackers, tangerines, bit of coconut butter
  • 145-LB
  • 345-pork jerky
  • (5-6m run)
  • 6-beef hot dog, banana, bootch

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 915p-430a, 74% quality. Woke often: midnight, 2a, 3a, 4a--and didn't fall asleep after that. GROSS. Not enough intake yesterday? I don't know, just know the poor/lack of sleep is catching up something fierce.

Healthy Movement: Body feels a bit BLEAH. Can get low back to anger-up if I stretch it too much. Energy stayed okay throughout the day, although BK easily could have talked me into Trav's instead of a run - but I didn't offer this information, as I needed a run for my brain state. And I'm glad I didn't offer, because the run was lovely (once we turned out of the wind). Felt good to feel good! Left core was a bit crank afterward, as was left foot, but I attribute that to the over-tiredness rather than the mileage.

Fun & Play: Strong class. Happy coworkers. Break time with BK at which he still didn't mention Kate* OMG SRSLY. HH chitchat. Texts with Dustin, and with HB.

The run with BK, at which I finally forced him to tell me he's dating Kate. His reason for not telling me was that he "doesn't like to talk about his personal life" because he's a dude; and I told him I'd accept that, if it wasn't being obviously broadcast to the general public on FB, and friends are for personal life information, not just inane chitchat! He apologized, I forgave (I already had). We are good (and he doesn't even know we were bad - boys have it so easy!) and we came away with some hilarious quotes:
BK: "I may be a girly dude, but I do have some dude qualities!"
Me: "And I have girly qualities, but I fight them with all my strength!"

Stress Management: I spent most of the day as a very tired girl, mentally speaking. Low low low. Like when I went to horn in on BK's lunch, he wasn't there, and so I assumed he was avoiding me, even though I had not told him I was joining him; my inner cunt voice immediately went to assuming everyone hates me and WHY DO I GET THIS WAY. Ugh, it's fucking obnoxious. I hate that cunty internal voice so, so, so much. What shuts her up is talking to my friends, because their voices are so much more loving than hers. I'm glad I know this fix.

Personal Growth: Brett's marathon went really well yesterday, and he had this to say, filling up my giant hulk heart:
Normally I suck immensely on the up hills but I swear I owe Sabrina and her death camp some credit, because the inclines seemed comfortably easy today.
That, my friend, is BLISS: helping the people I love do what they love!

OMG: Dustin & Mike & I are having supper tomorrow night. Please, universe, let us all be on the same page of awesome. Please please please.

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