Friday, March 27

Nutrition: Somehow I went 6 hours without eating, without even thinking about food. I couldn't tell you the last time that happened (unless I was sleeping). Interesting.

  • 6a-eggs, breakfast sausage, Slawsa, dinner roll, coffee w/ CM
  • 1215p-carnitas, yam, Larabar, chia bootch
  • 3-bag pork jerky
  • 6-apple w/ SB
  • 730-LB 

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 93% quality. Again, no way. Wide awake h/s/g, tossing & turning, monkey mind, from about 130-230a. Got up twice. Ugh ugh ugh. Luckily I was again able to sleep in, this time without any horrid dreams, like yesterday. 

Healthy Movement: Rest day as planned, although body feels well-rested. Sat pretty much all day, at tax firm. Can feel the left core being a crank, and the left shoulder has some whisper of light strain when it's well-stretched. I really need to make sure that doesn't become a lifelong "shoulder thing."

Fun & Play: Quickbooks madness! Taxy peeps. Busy busy.

Stress Management: Word has spread. I forgot a taxy peep is aunt to a TS peep. I also forgot how quickly people forget to emphasize the word "confidential" when it doesn't matter to them. This means it's time for that tough convo THIS WEEK. Sooner than I'd hoped, because I am not emotionally ready for it, but then again, I never will be. Regardless, putting things in motion sooner could mean things change that much sooner, which would obviously be awesome. Just gotta make that painful first push.

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