Saturday, February 14

Nutrition: Didn't have great food options at home today, so I hit the grocery store before taxy work. Got a bunch of raw veg (baby carrots, sugar snap peas, cauliflower flowerets, & baby bells), prepared guac, a few on-sale LBs, summer sausage, & bootch: good great to go! Still needed to visit the gas station for coffee, but that grocery store stock-up was a genius solution, and applies to many other situations/locations.
  • 515-eggs, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 7-Larabar
  • 10-Kind Strong bar, bootch
  • 1115-veg & guac, summer sausage & rice crackers
  • 3p-LB
  • 630-ribs w/ pineapple, sweet potato, macaroons, bootch
Acne: My face is fierce right now. Too many sweets, and the hubs' homemade macaroons will not help me get back to normal. Frustrated with myself, because I know better. Frustrated with my body, because what I mean by "too many sweets" is the sauce on mom's BWCs at the funeral home, a can of Zevia, and a lot of LBs & Kind bars. Not like I'm eating fucking Twinkies or something.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 945p-5a, 81% quality. In late to due working late and need to wind down afterward (with pizza). Woke naturally, feeling fairly rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feels decent. Slight left core ache, first time all week. Was glad not to be meeting BK for a run, due to tired brain & cold MF-ing windchill, though the body felt up for it. Or at least, it would have felt up for decent trails, not beach-sand trails. Stood all day at tax firm, felt fine. Total energy bonk after the big supper + laziness on couch.

Fun & Play: Tax firm work & tax firm peeps & adorable tax firm grandkids delivering strawberry-flavored Valentine cupcakes. BK chitchat & spreadsheet fun. Silly Valentine texts. Big homemade-with-love supper. Hubs time. Critter cuddles. Utter laziness.

Temperance: And today I received a tangible reminder of why I continue going back to the tax firm and working myself so hard: a paycheck. I'll bring home a total of something like $2500 for this gig, which sets me up with a lotta fun money, a 50% annual bonus beyond my marital allowance*.  I shall be using these funds to pay for things like crewing my ROUSers & BK, and justifying long drives to new trails this summer. Suffer a little bit now, reap the benefits later. True of so much in life.

*That sounds fucked up, so let me explain: hubs & I each keep $200 from our paychecks as fun money: unjustified, spend on whatever you like, no accounting to the other for your purchases. This eliminates almost any conversations (& stress) about where to spend our money. He can spend a night at the bar with buddies, or upgrade the wheels on his motorcycle, or spend a weekend camping at a racetrack; I can go to Trav's or Caribou with my beloveds whenever I want, or buy yet another pair of running shoes, or take a trip to Tahoe to help BK run; and neither of us has any right to question those priorities. I highly recommend it for all relationships, unless you are magically perfectly in sync with your spending choices.

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