Friday, February 20

Nutrition: Ugh, I wanted to eat my fists off again this morning, what the hell? Could've been some stressy anger-eating. Hit big lunch & supper meals to stave off any more crashing. Thinking I may want to add more breakfast calories, add a yam or bacon or something.
  • 515a-fried egg sandwich w/ Slawsa, breakfast sausage, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 9-coffee w/ CM
  • 1030-LB
  • 1145-LB
  • (1245p-6m run)
  • 2-jerky, banana, apple, LB
  • 4-Kind Strong bar
  • 630-Daiya pizza, Arctic Zero, bootch

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 87% quality. Felt a little worse, like I was mostly awake 4a onward, and then sad to see it was 5a rather than 2a.

Healthy Movement: Still feeling fatigued, but a little better than yesterday. Lunch run with the boys went pretty damned good; legs held up just fine and I appreciated flat roads offering actual traction.

Fun & Play: Coworker chitchat. BB chitchat. Bunch of work progress. Running with some besties, (although I was less than chatty, too busy breathing). Great work done at NSS but again wishing I had more time there to help with new stuff and change up some frustrating work-arounds.

Stress Management: The brain dump totally did what it was supposed to do: cleared the junk out to be shelved. Water has been put down. Zero solutions devised, zero problems solved, zero change in the situation, but the brain is calm. EXCELLENT.

Now, about this job stress.

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