Friday, February 13

Nutrition: Depletion feelings sent me to a giant caloric load o' pizza in an attempt to refeed and regain some energy.
  • 515a-egg, roasted veg, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-Larabar
  • 1030-ham hunk, LB
  • (1p-4.5m run)
  • 230-LB
  • 330-LB
  • 445-Kind Strong bar
  • 8-Daiya pizza, Zevia

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 74% quality. Solid but woke at midnight for some reason, then again at 4a & dozed in/out until the coffee smell and Hanky's dancing got me up.

Healthy Movement: Body actually feels great, though energy is a bit low. Some soreness at blood draw location, although I think it's being compounded by the SA decel work during class yesterday, because the left inner elbow is also sore, but less so. Logged a mid-day run in the sun with BK, but oof, it rather sucked. Partly the snow, partly the deadlifts, mostly the brain. Very low energy in afternoon, despite extra coffee.

Fun & Play: BB break time, productivity, sunny trails, BK time, NSS time with my favorites, hubs time, Hanky time.

Stress Management: TS work overload & frustrations. Heavy struggles in my brain, with voices that are cruel, with exhausting conclusions; must shelve in order to rediscover my sanity. Mental tiredness, didn't even want to go to NSS.

Socialization: Nice long break with my BB. Trails and coffee with BK. Silliness with HB & DS at NSS. Hubs.

Natural Environment: Trails today were not lovely; they were tough & mean. But the sunshine felt nice, and the blue sky was beautiful, and the critter tracks were plentiful, and I forgive Mother Nature for the slog.

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