Wednesday, January 14

Nutrition: I am loaded up on snacks today, woo hoo! Not starving like yesterday. Except: rather high in sugar. Need to keep more real-food snacks at my desk.
  • 5a-eggs, chicken brat, cauli & onions, toast, coffee w CM
  • 8-coffee w CM
  • 930-Larabar, halos, coffee w CM
  • 1145-Larabar
  • (1215p-3.9m run)
  • 115-tuna w/ mustard, toddler veg pack, coconut butter
  • 345-Kind Strong bar
  • 7-salad w avocado, brat, toast, apple w SB, chia bootch

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 82% quality. Woke h/s/g around 3a, but managed to throw off blankets and fall back (too many calories at supper, methinks). Woke at 4a and just dozed, could NOT fall back asleep in full, dang it. 74 pulse.

Healthy Movement: Little sore from squats, nothing from bench. Didn't much feel like logging a lunch run, for some reason, but I did it anyway. Gold star! Left core fine on the run, but a little tight by the end of the workday. Felt squats quite a bit more by the end of the day. I also felt the 12 hours of standing. (Blech to these long days! Be gone!!)

Fun & Play: Early-morning BK chitchat. Class. Productive workday. Break time with BK & chitchat with my class peeps. Lovely little run in warm temps, although they actually feel the same as always, since I dress lighter. Less eye-makeup destruction! Quiet night at home.

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