Thursday, January 1

Nutrition: Nothing sounded good today. Except bootch, which I didn't have.
  • 630-eggs, beef bacon, toast, coffee w/CM
  • (930-3.5m run)
  • 11-Larabar, chocolate coconut crisps
  • 1-walnut butter
  • 4-hot dogs w/ mustard, SB&CB&J toast
  • 630-turkey w/ mustard, toast, apples w/ SB
  • calories 2675: p 600, c 775, f 1300
Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 11p-615a, 73% quality. Fell asleep shortly before midnight; graph looks like my sleep was shallow, but I don't recall waking at all before 6a. Got up tired, though, and energy level was low all day. Worked too late to be able to nap.

Healthy Movement: 1 pull-up in the middle of breakfast, but that was it, because WHOA I felt like hell. Upper body super sore, bit of lower body but not as bad. Ran anyway, and that felt pretty good; nice pace for me, though everyone else was a damned speedster. Bright spot: zero left core pain, neither during nor after the run.  

Felt half-sick most of the day: headache for the second straight day that just won't fully go away. Didn't take any drugs, as I'm already surpassing a week of DayQuil/NyQuil and UGH to taking drugs just to avoid some discomfort; toughen up, Beans. Boosted the water intake, hoping that would help. Seemed to. 

Fun & Play: Pull-up nonsense-talk fun times on FB. BK got into Tahoe = holy crap, yay, I'm going to Tahoe this summer! (Holy shit, how I'm gonna pay for that?!) ROUS people, the best kind of people. NSS time, although I couldn't talk to M or D like I'd hoped. HB chitchat. Bonus fun when SR & AP came to lift and cranked up the loud screamy music, although that didn't feel great on the headache. Impressed the hell out of both of them when I shared my goal of an SA chin. Woot! Snuggly pets at home.

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