Sunday, January 18

Nutrition: Little more in-line today, but still in a mental vacation mode.
  • 745-Larabar
  • 930-eggs, potatoes & peppers, bacon, toast, tons of coffee
  • 1230-Larabar
  • 3-bacon jerky, apple, almonds
  • 6-apple w SB, chia bootch 

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 1030p-715a, 92% quality. Not that great, but decent given a sleeper sofa, not my pillow, not my house.

Healthy Movement: Pretty much sat all day, between girls' weekend chitchat & the car ride. Got home too late to be able to hit trails.

Fun & Play: Girls' weekend continued. A visit to the awesome meat locker.

Stress Management: Privacy & trust violation by my favorite person. A struggle to forgive in some ways, not at all in others. Understand his concern, hate his action. Feeling outraged, offended, yet also rather ambivalent; a very strange mixture.

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