Saturday, January 31

Nutrition: All felt perfectly reasonable. Forgot my sausage at the tax firm, though - and I'm not back for two more weeks, GAH.
  • 430a-fried egg on toast w/ Slawsa & bacon, coffee w/ CM
  • (6-7m trail run)
  • 715-toddler squeeze pack, Larabar
  • 930-LB
  • 12p-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, apple, LB
  • 315-pork jerky, bacon jerky
  • 630-Renola
  • 730-wings, sweet potato hash, chia bootch

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 915p-415a, 81% quality. Woke often for some reason. Bleah.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. Dashed up the hill for the potty pre-run, and it was as easy as flat, so I knew it was gonna feel good! However, the speed demons I ran with made it tough on me, doing the loop faster than it gets done in the fall daylight without icy patches. Hills felt awesome, I stormed up those bitches like nothing, until the last couple miles when I really lost steam. No ability to chitchat, but I didn't miss it. Happily, I also wasn't up in my head, other than the usual thoughts of past conversations I've had at various locales throughout the park with my beloveds. I just loved the run and let it love me back.

Major energy tank on the drive to DBB, but a change of clothes, a whore's bath, a cute easy updo, and COFFEE turned me around. Stood all day, other than sitting to sort through stuff here & there. Energy levels continued to feel great, but: slight left-hip stiffness from the run/car, went away; deep left-glute ache, faded somewhat; weirdness there when balancing on left foot; slight pulling when balancing on RIGHT foot as well. Hmm.

Fun & Play: Beasties on the trails. Chitchat with the absent bestie. Chitchat with my meathead to set up a Sunday lifting date. Another messy QB file to deep-dive into and fix up all purty-like: yes, I love that. Hubs whipped up his second wing-sauce attempt.

Stress Management / Temperance: I'm still struggling some along the lines of last week's stress, feeling guilty about hubs time, or lack thereof. I want to spend time out doing my things, and I'd like him to just come with, rather than me doing fewer things so that I can sit at home with him. I'm selfishly wishing he would just change to fit in with me, and at the same time I'm feeling bad for changing so much, and yet I do not feel bad at all. Guilty for talking to others so much & so easily, and then having nothing to say to him. I don't know. Same old shit bouncing around in my head.

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