Saturday, January 10

Nutrition: While my taxy days are probably always going to be shortcutty, because I want to take minimal downtime to eat, this was on the super lazy end of the spectrum. I will get better by being smarter about it.
  • 415a-eggs, brat, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • (545-7m run)
  • 7-apple, coffee
  • 830-Larabar
  • 1030-bacon jerky
  • 12p-pork rinds & salsa, Renola, bootch
  • 515-pork jerky, Larabar
  • 8-orange, CB toast

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 9p-4a, 78% quality. Took until nearly 10p to fall asleep, but was then quite solid until I woke naturally at 4a. Wow, right? I did, however, wish to lay there and sleep longer, but the trail date with BK called. 79 pulse.

Healthy Movement: Body in great shape. Struggled a little bit on the run, more lungs than legs. Endurance, so hard to win, is so quickly lost. It was a delight to be out there, though. Cold, but easy to handle. PT last few nights has been the twisty-stretch only. Could feel that spot toward the end of the run, maybe around mile 6. Little tight throughout the day. Stood all day at the tax firm (woo hoo!) but the few times I sat down to really dig into some details felt quite nice. Might be a few weeks before 6 days of standing feels normal.

Fun & Play: Fun run & running talk with BK. FB silliness throughout the day. A great taxy day, all spent working through the messy QB of a new-to-us client. I don't know why, but I seriously dig that shit. Bailed early (5p is early there) to race over to dad's shop and wrap up his year. I was slowed down by problems, and thus was going to be later picking up The Mitz for our dogsitting adventure, but it turned out that it would be too late. So, no Mitzi-sitting, just a quiet house to return do. Probably better for my household anyway. I felt super drained leaving dad's shop at 730p, but grocery-shopping & BK chitchat perked me back up, so I went to bed feeling normal again.

I might make up a little taxy vision board of all the fabulous reasons I'm working 60-hours weeks. Like, the trip to Tahoe. BK sent me this, the most gorgeous picture, and I think maybe we should go RANOW. Take 5 months to acclimate to the elevation, make certain he's going to do well. I'm positive that seeing this (& my other reasons) on a regular basis will help keep my spirits up.


Temperance: It has fully occurred to me the true reason my marathon training always failed during tax season: my brain simply Can Not. A long run in the cold is physically difficult, yes, but the ultimate challenge is inside the brain. It doesn't want to be out there suffering, on any long run, and is constantly reminding you how comfy your couch is. And in the winter, how WARM & COZY & man, I bet a soak in the hot tub & then a nap would be fantastic, a million times better than running. In the fall, the glory of being in the peaceful, wonderful, gorgeous woods (& promised views like the above) overrides those enticing words and keeps me going.

But during tax season, after 6 straight long days of work, my brain is completely fried. There simply is nothing left over. I love my jobs and the work I do, but this time of year adds a lot of complicated analysis, thus it is especially taxing (pun intended). So throw in the challenge of a long run on that 7th day, and I Just Can't. I can't take on any real challenge, running or otherwise. Even without taxes (last year), the 5 days are still draining, and the pressure of that long run is still daunting and hard to overcome. It simply can't be done, not by me, not in the winter, not as long as I'm an accountant.

And that's perfectly okay. Right now, I'm feeling excited for this winter's running. I'm planning to meet BK or HH at 6am every Saturday morning (hopefully). They will be fun, trails whenever possible, and then I'll head off to my long taxy day feeling high on love, after starting my day with a bestie in the woods. Also, my lifting won't be impacted by these runs, since they are short, and thus my strength will INCREASE during the winter (rather than totally fall apart), which I of course adore - all of this is an entirely different world than the prior 4 winters. Like, Opposite Land different. I expect to be a much, much, much happier little beast.

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