Monday, January 5

  • 5a-eggs, bacon, cauliflower, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 9-EmergenC, Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 1230p-tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, almond butter & toast, bit of raw veg, tea
  • 3-Kind Strong bar
  • 530-Larabar
  • 630-salad w/ avocado, toast 
  • calories 2125: p 350, c 875, f 900

: 8.25 hours in bed, 830p-445a, 81% quality. Ugh, much worse. Took over an hour to fall asleep, and was laying there with a monkey mind 4a onward. Too much sleep yesterday, plus The Crud. And a super low 57 pulse, what the hell?

Healthy Movement: I brought a bag packed up tight for a cold winter run, all set to bundle up & enjoy it. But on my drive in, it occurred to me that I'm probably again being a dumbass, not a badass. Take another rest day, and let the body use that energy to beat The Crud. (Please please please.) Energy level never took a hard dive, but it wasn't great either. At the end of the workday, driving home sounded like too much effort. 

Fun & Play: A full class again, everyone back from vacation. Chitchat w/ BK & AS. Massive productivity. Lunch w/ BK. Talking to an older coworker about coming to my class! More writing. The NSS post of my pull-ups used #NSSfamily and made me weepy. They ARE family to me. A long, hot bath. And a cleaner tub. 

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