Monday, January 26

Nutrition: Easy. Easy easy easy. Yay!
  • 515a-eggs, pork roast, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 830-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 10-ham stick, coffee w/ CM
  • 1p-chicken w/ mustard, apple, coconut butter
  • 4-Larabar
  • (430-7m run)
  • 7-veggies & pork rinds w/ salsa, apple w/ SB

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 74% quality. Woke at 3a to a scampering Hanky, but I just yelled at him & rolled over. Wasn't at all solid from there onward, but I did fall back.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling almost normal. Low back still a touch over-reactive on stretches. Logged a lap at LCSP with a bestie, and it felt pretty great. Faster than Saturday but a million times easier: happiness!

Fun & Play: Class. I finally called Mary and we talked for an HOUR. It was absolutely positively wonderful. So happy I did it, so thoroughly wish I had done it sooner. I came away so thankful for her good fortune and flat-out loving my life and everyone in it. Bit of chitchat with the hubs as he hit the halfway point of the hog-hauling trip. Half-lunched with BK. Left work early, paper piles & to-do lists be damned. Ran my favorite lap of my favorite park with my favorite running buddy in warm January daylight and caught up on our lives. What's not to love?

Also, we have devised a new Sabrina phrase: hulk-hugs. Imma start giving 'em left & right!

Stress Management: Made plans to leave work by 4p today despite the stupid workload. Hoping that fewer hours can save me. Plus, I get home early enough to get a few things done at home.And on Tuesdays & Thursdays, when I'm there later for class, I'm going in later. If I can't sleep in, then maybe I accomplish a chore in the MORNING that I would usually do at night. What a concept! This doesn't always work, because teaching class is not exactly something I can claim as a reason for missing an accounting deadline, but at the end of the month? I'm doing it. Fuck it. Life is not work. Life is LIFE. Perspective.

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