Friday, January 30

Nutrition: Not ravenous from deadlifts like I was last week. Didn't even want to finish the pork jerky, what?
  • 5a-eggs, bacon, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 845-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 1115-Renola
  • 1230p-eggs, ham, potatoes, moar coffeez
  • 330-LB
  • 5-pork jerky
  • 7-LB
  • 8-apple w/ SB, bootch

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 86% quality. Pretty sound until 330a, in/out after that. Nearly got up at 4a, but was able to keep dozing.

Healthy Movement: NO ghostly stress-niggles getting out of bed. WOO HOO! Still taking a rest day. Light soreness in back muscles from deadlifts, WOO HOO!

Fun & Play: FB silliness including playing with ANOTHER runner's spreadsheet and getting more ideas for BK's. I am SUCH a nerd. Relatively productive at work, considering it was a Friday and I totally didn't want to be there, but not at all near as productive as needed, given my to-do list. God. Ugh. Lunch with BK that I didn't really have time for, but made it, and was glad I did, had a good talk. Also saw two people from work so hey, maybe started some fun rumors? Bah. Logged my 800th pull for the year and turned it into a little silliness on FB.

Stress Management: Afternoon at NSS was packed full of work though not people. Dustin popped in to lift but that was it. Long day and not enough time so I'll be back in Sunday. So I emailed them that, and it devolved into brain dump of why they need to start thinking about hiring me FT. Risky, scary, but I have to get it out to them and open up the channel. Worst case they say that they agree but don't want me, and I have more time on my hands. Best case I am able to formulate a long-term timeframe to transition to my dream job. 

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