Friday, January 2

Nutrition: Super draining day of work, spending the last hour fighting Excel for a dying file, so at the grocery store I just bought a tray of veggies. My salads have not been prepped and I knew it wasn't going to happen tonight. Those veg were so effing good and crispy, and so perfectly hit the spot, I could've eaten the entire platter. Yay, veggies!
  • 545a-turkey, eggs, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 9-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 11-Larabar
  • (1130-chin-up mania)
  • 12p-tuna w/ mustard, rice crackers, toddler pack
  • 130-ColdCalm
  • 3-Larabar (yes, another!)
  • 6-veg w salsa, hot dogs, slawsa, toast, bootch
  • calories 2225: p 725, c 1100, f 400

: 8.5 (!) hours in bed, 9p-530a, 70% quality. Woke when Lexi decided to bark at the backyard at 1145p, but otherwise sound, and woke naturally. More like 90%. 72 pulse.

Healthy Movement: Still aching pretty much everywhere; good thing it's my rest day. Headache gone but still feeling bleah; didn't take a DayQuil today nor a NyQuil last night. (You can handle this, body!) Tried to shrink my PT to only the twist-stretch last night, but core did ache a bit today. Damn, no shortcuts! Taught class at noon, so I had them do 100 burpees (easier than it sounds) while I did 100 chin-ups (also true). Top of left foot hurts a bit today, weirdly so. Good & lazy at home. 

Fun & Play: Productive day. Class. Chin-up beastliness. FB silliness. Plans with HH  at LCSP tomorrow instead of ROUS roads! Laziness. 

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