Wednesday, December 24

Nutrition: Again with the plane-over-eating, followed by "it's still technically vacation so Imma eat a whole pizza."
5a-Larabar, coffee
630-bacon jerky, apple, Americano
8-nut clusters
1030-pork jerky, nut clusters, almonds
(2-hour time change)
630-Daiya pizza
calories 2875: p 325, c 1550, f 1000

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 86% quality. Nope, more like 66% - woke a ton. Somewhat the cold, somewhat the terrible bed, somewhat the too-much-light. I am such a Sensitive Sally. 

Healthy Movement: Again I forgot PT last night, what the hell? Body feels just fine except for the stupid cold. Flying was better on the pressures than I expected, thankfully, until the landing which hurt like bad, yo. But it wasn't too long-lasting. Pullups at home, just 6 sets of 5, but felt easier than I expected, woo hoo!

Fun & Play: Smooth travel, quickly-moving (or no!) lines. Loving pups. Adoring kits. Home. Home home home.

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