Wednesday, December 10

  • 5-eggs, ring sausage, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 7-coffee w/ CM
  • 10-Larabar
  • 11-two clementines
  • 12-chicken, apple, Larabar, decaf w/ CM
  • 330-Larabar
  • 615-salad, ring sausage, apple w/ SB, SB&J toast
  • calories 2500: p 625, c 825, f 950

: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 78% quality. Better, more like 90%. Nyquil knocked me out again; this time it stayed solid, and I slept like a champ.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling improved over yesterday, but still a weird voice and some coughing. But no drainage, no pressure. No yoga club, and still don't think I should run, so a full rest day. Feeling the squats but actually pretty mild.

Fun & Play: Class. BK chitchat. LT chitchat and lunch. Massive progress on a troublesome task. Productive afternoon. Fun break from usual work to help rearrange for the UW garage sale. Sweet devoted Hanky face.

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