Tuesday, December 9

Nutrition: Once again, I come in exactly at 2300 calories without trying.
  • 615-eggs, ring sausage, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 8-coffee w/ CM
  • 10-Larabar
  • 1115-Larabar
  • (12-Dustin session)
  • 130-chicken, toast, Larabar
  • 4-pistachios
  • 7-salad, ring sausage, SB&J toast
  • calories 2300: p 625, c 675, f 1000

Sleep: 8.75 (!) hours in bed, 915p-6a, 62% quality. A Nyquil knocked me out soundly but I woke up at midnight with a nonstop half-hour coughing fit. The hubs went to the couch to get the fuck away. Poor guy. Wished I could've got the fuck away from myself, too! Once I was out again, though, made it all the way to the alarm waking me at 6a. So that was nice.

Healthy Movement: Again the hip is feeling pretty good. Cold took a big step back, and I have to assume it's due to last night's delightful little outing. Damn it! Told BK next time we need to go longer to make the setback worth my while. Improved more as the day went on, but definitely doing a step back from yesterday. Session was GD awesome. Felt pretty good the rest of the day. Cough returned post-shower, weirdly.

Fun & Play: FB fun with an old family picture, crazy-ass curls and a wee 5-year old Sabrina! Session. Uber-productive day. Errands knocked out, including now having gifts done for almost everyone, yay! Snuggly pet time.

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