Tuesday, December 23

Nutrition: Another too-much day, mostly due to the Paleo treats I bought last night. So sue me.
  • 7-almond macaroons, coffee
  • 8-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee
  • 10-salted caramel bar
  • 11-pork rinds w salsa, apple, almonds, bootch
  • (1-hr time change!)
  • 3-almonds, Renola
  • 5-Larabar 
  • 7-Cobb salad, iced tea
  • Calories 3150: p 1150, c 1200, f 800

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 92% quality. Best bed of the vacation! Woke often from 4a onward...sinus drainage fun times. 

Healthy Movement: Body feels great but I have forgotten PT the past two nights. Crap! Acquired a cold yesterday, ugh. Found some decongestant right away. Do NOT want to fly with pressure issues, can be awfully painful as I've learned. Sitting all day. Hip a little annoyed. Tired and very meh due to this cold. Could have fallen asleep at supper. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. BK chitchat, HB chitchat, FB silliness. Fabulous breakfast. Red Rock Canyon and burro talk. Going home en la ma├▒ana, hooray!!

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