Sunday, November 30

Gratitude: I can't short my final child, Lexi. She's the perfect dog: sweet, calm, tolerant, great with little ones, avoidant of cranky kittehs, madly addicted to fetch. We inherited her from my SIL and she's been a great sibling to needy Hanky. Despite her 130am barking today, I'm grateful she came into our zoo.

Nutrition: I thought perhaps I should eat more today, but I was just too tired to care at the end of the day.
  • 6a-eggs, bacon, toast, SB&J toast, coffee w CM
  • 10-pistachios, bootcha
  • (1115-lifting)
  • 1-eggs, bacon, toast, apple w SB, decaf w CM
  • 530-Cobb salad, decaf
  • calories 1925: p 500, c 525, f 900

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 73% quality. I thought it was solid, not sure why it's ranking so low. Did take a while to fall asleep, and oh yeah, at 130a Lexi started barking madly at something (a terrifying way to wake up) so I got up for water, bathroom. Fell back easily though.

Healthy Movement: Tight calves from yesterday's run. Hip a little better. Basement lifting felt pretty damned good; enjoyed it and feel like it was the exact right volume. Hip didn't change throughout the day. Upper back did get tight around supper time. Energy levels tanked about 5p but food helped a little.

Fun & Play: Quiet & productive day at home. Lifting fun. Catching up on podcasts and deleting some that simply aren't a "fuck yes" anymore: simplify. Lifting chitchat with SM. Little bit of rearranging in the kitchen. Supper out with the hubs to celebrate 13 years together. That poor bastard.

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