Sunday, December 7

645a-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
10-apple w SB 
1p-chicken, banana ice cream w/ SB
4-summer sausage, rice crackers
6-salad, ring sausage, emergen-c
Calories 2250: p 750, c 700, f 800

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 915p-630a, 97% quality. Again I coughed a lot before finally sleeping, but once I did, it was bitches! Solid. Energy level was up & down all day, napped about 130-330p. Got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Hip feeling quite good. I no longer look like an ungraceful version of Pinocchio when climbing out of bed! Energy level was just shit due to this cold. No interest in anything. Not even a single pull-up was done today. Feeling fat and weak. And angry.

Fun & Play: Chores accomplished, including the beginning of the transfer from desktop to laptop. Ugh, what a process. Wish I liked doing that, I need to spend a LOT more time on sorting & properly storing digital pictures, files, and the like, never mind the physical versions! Cleaned some crap out of the office & did a little re-organizing, though I felt overwhelmed by all that I didn't touch. Why do I have so much shit? Nap. Delightful BK chitchat on his class & test, which he's pretty sure he passed, as I've been reassuring him he would. Cuddly pets. Didn't leave the house all day, unless the far corner of the garage counts?

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