Sunday, December 28

Nutrition: No food sounded good today. Just meh to everything.
  • 8-eggs, beef bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 11-SB&CB&J toast
  • (1130-lifting session)
  • 1p-BWCs, ribs, Larabar 
  • 4-pineapple
  • 6-BWCs, toast, Renola, bootch
  • calories 2625: p 625, c 1000, f 1000

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 10p-745a, 58% quality. I was awake at least until 11p, woke around 4a tossing & turning a bit, but fell back solidly. I would call it 80% or so. Took a post-workout nap 130-330p, but woke up feeling tired. 

Healthy Movement: Body great, happy hip! Knocked out a bunch of cleaning and chores in the morning, then logged a lifting workout. Was tired and meh by that point, but it went better than I felt. Very tired afterward: napped but then had even less energy. Lazed on couch for hours. Ugh. Didn't take a DayQuil today, figured I'd see how the body was doing without drugs, so I have my answer: not good.

Fun & Play: Getting the disastrous kitchen cleaned up, along with the office. Both now livable! Fetch with Lexi in the sunshine. Solid workout. Nap. Snugly Clyde. TV show catch-up. 

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