Sunday, December 21

Nutrition: Today was the first day my hunger/cravings felt in line. No snacky feelings at all. Excellent! It was also the best breakfast and best supper so far. Bonus: probably also the cheapest.
  • 5-coconut crisps
  • 7-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee
  • (1030-3.5hr hike)
  • During-half Larabar
  • 2-jerky, apple, Paleo People Cappuccino Crunch, bootch
  • 6-chef salad w/ guacamole
  • Calories 2700: p 800, c 950, f 950

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a. Pretty solid.

Healthy Movement: Feeling nothing from yesterday's canyon hike, not even tight calves! Short car ride today, then an aborted hike plan (couldn't find trailhead at busy ski hill). Then we logged an amazing hike, much harder than we were expecting. Didn't realize we were going all the way to the top, probably wouldn't have attempted it if we'd known. Loved it! Ran at the finish. Ran up stairs at the meteor crater. Feeling strong and awesome and wishing the hubs was in better shape. Hoping to find flat and easy trails tomorrow, hope he can handle longer hours if they are easy. Hip was there when hiking but fine when running. Did NOT tighten up as the day went on. Still remembering my PT on vacation, how impressive is that?!

Fun & Play: A fabulous breakfast. A fantastic hike. A big giant crater that again made me feel teensy. BK chitchat about his epic circles of hell. LT chitchat, recruited her & Mac to visit kittehs. Even some random DQ chitchat! A very lovely drive to Sedona. Inside info on trails there! A fabulous supper. A cheap, perfectly adequate motel in an expensive town. Today made me feel much better about the cost of this trip.

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