Saturday, December 20

Nutrition: Not loving the acne on vacation. Would so love to be makeup-less but it's just getting worse with all the eating out.
  • 5-fruit leather, coffee
  • 715-apple w bit of PB*, pork jerky, banana nut bar, coffee
  • 1030-apple, almond butter, Larabar
  • (11-3m hike)
  • 130-super cookies, bootch
  • 3-snip chips, beef jerky
  • 730-chef salad, Larabar
  • calories 2825: p 950, c 1050, f 825
*until I read the label to see vegetable oil. Jesus fuck, our food supply is the WORST. 

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a. No quality measurement, couldn't reach. Awake around 4, dozed a while. Finally a good, solid night.

Healthy Movement: Lots more today, finally. An awesome hike, though too short. Lots of time standing and staring at the canyon views.

Fun & Play: I almost cried when I saw the Grand Canyon. Had tears in my eyes and had to focus hard to not-cry. So beautiful, so precious, so immense...and so unimportant am I and all my troubles. Felt like I could hike down to the bottom and never come home. Very happy little pagan hippie today.

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