Monday, December 22

Nutrition: Holy shit, I found a restaurant that knows Paleo!! I overate for sure, but who the fuck cares? I ordered right off the menu and made zero substitutions! Like a normal person!! Rounding up on calories but I seriously am not caring.
  • 630-Kind Strong bar
  • 8-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee 
  • 9-4.9m hike
  • 11-beef jerky, pistachios, zucchini chips, bootch
  • 2-apple, cashew butter
  • 6-burger (on bun!!) w/ bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce; roasted broccoli, mango smoothie, salted caramel bar
  • Calories 3550: p 950, c 1300, f 1300

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 90% quality. Solid, but woke a few times after 2a, and dozed for the last half hour or so. 

Healthy Movement: Shins and calves a bit sore, but the hike, while awesome, felt entirely runnable. Feeling too lazy and wanting to DO SHIT. Ready to go back to normal life. 

Fun & Play: Sedona beauty. Absolutely incredible. Slow-paced vacation life. Paleo restaurant food!

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