Friday, December 26

  • 7a-turkey, eggs, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 10-beef jerky
  • 1215-eggs, ham, potatoes, coffee (Trav's!!)
  • 4-banana, bacon jerky
  • 730-pecan pie w/ CM
  • calories: 2275: p 900, c 675, f 700
Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 845p-645a, 82% quality. Solid, though I did wake a few times. I was shocked to hit 10 hours; a clear sign that I need to catch up from vacation AND recover from this cold. Since I need to get up early tomorrow to run, I shall be sure to turn in super early again tonight.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great but I worked alllll day so no official workout, just a crap-ton of my favorites: pulls! Sets throughout the day at NSS were full of fun: 10 super-strict NG; 12kg KB on foot, 3 per side; 16kg KB on foot, 1 per side; 1 with a 12-kg KB PER FOOT!; a SA (assisted) chin per side; 5 straight-bar pull-ups trying the "crunch" that pumps a MU (didn't work); 1 ea of a split grip (I forget the proper term and am making up my own now) trying to decel SA...but couldn't quite let go with the barely-there hand; 5 on the rings, twice; 5 on blast straps; 5 straight-bar dead-hang pulls. A total of 48, just having fun. LOVE. And also 2 cartwheels and 1 handstand against the wall (don't try that with a head cold, kids). FUN to just play around with everything and see what's hard. I am definitely putting single-arm pull-up down as a 2015 goal. Badassery, I shall achieve you!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. A slow easy morning. NSS with the AC/DC station blasting, and SO SO MUCH accomplished. I put in 7 hours! Pull-up fun (x2) with Gonzo. Lunch with HB

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