Friday, December 19

Nutrition: All. The. Meats. Too many, this I know. Started my day by stocking up BIG TIME at Sprouts, tons of snacks and a bootch for every single day.

Still, feeling certain that my already-bad acne is about to get fierce. Eating out fucking sucks, yo. Soybean oil is everywhere.

4-lemon super cookies
6-steak, eggs, coffee
10-Renola, bootch
1-apple, pork jerky, Sunbutter
6-salad w/ oil & vinegar, prime rib, baked potato, decaf
Calories 3025: p 1425, c 850, f 750

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 830p-430a, 79% quality. Slept rather shitty, woke often. Woke at 4a with no ability to fall back. Energy definitely on the low side all day.

Healthy Movement: Lotta car-sitting. Walked through a couple museums and a baby-animal zoo, but amounted to perhaps 3-4 hours on feet. Hip doesn't like the sitting, but it's definitely been worse. Excited to do some serious hiking tomorrow, wanna MOVE!

Fun & Play: Vacation day two! Mountains. Museums. Route 66. Critter viewing. Grand Canyon plotting. Dose of BK chitchat, rounding up a crew for next year.

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